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Where Are You? {a prayer}

Wishing things were the way they once were
Why do I have to be tormented with the taste of the past?
When things were happy and bright
Not a worry in sight
Now troubles are many
Things have grown more difficult
Why can't I seem to find You God?
You seem so distant
I need You more now than it shows
Nobody understands me like You
You listen to my deepest prayer 
You are my best friend when others aren't there
You've never given up on me when I've given up on myself
You've shown me love when all I've had was hate
You've reminded me what a second chance truly is
You've given me love when all I had left was anger

The future ahead leaves me feeling upset
I don't know how I'll get through and I just want to take the easy path
You've always had the best in mind for me
You've never done anything to harm me
Even when friends left and I was neglected
Still You were there and made me feel important
When life got hard and choices were tough 
You directed me in the way that was truly for the best
You never let me down when everyone else seemed to
You had a plan beyond my small ideas
Just when I thought You were out of Your mind
Just when I though You were trying to give me a hard time
I then realized just how much You were protecting me
I realized just how much You loved me
I realized You've always been there for me
But, now I finally can see that I was the one who wasn't there for You.


  1. Oh Britt you are such an amazing writer! You always encourage me and I am SO grateful for your blog!
    Brooke Jordan

    P.S. Oh, and I’m having a Christmas Photo Contest over at my blog and I would love to have you enter! (There’s some fun prizes too ☺ )

    1. Thanks Brooke! :) thanks so much for your comment and uplifting words!!! :)