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I thought I would create a page for those of you who might just be stopping by for the first time and you might be wondering what I post here on my blog.

I write on a variety of different things on my blog, but what I post most on is my feelings and thoughts on things I'm going through in my life and also in my spiritual walk with God. I try to write my thoughts and current experiences and relate them to my christian walk.

I had originally started writing a devotional book to someday publish, but it seemed like a far-fetched idea costing more than expected, so I decided to start up a blog in the fall of 2011 and started posting some of the devotionals I wrote so others could read them. Soon I found myself shifting away from what I had already written and focused on writing things I was going through and what God was teaching me each day. I am in the process of still trying to publish a devotional book with the posts I am writing now. Maybe one day I can get it into a book, but for now I am just writing to encourage others through my blog. Thanks for dropping by!