I thought I might create a page about who I am so you can get to know me a little bit better.

I am Britt, a 24 year old recent college graduate and an aspiring graphic designer who enjoys spending time handlettering, designing websites, photography, ice skating, and the beach.

I was born and raised in a christian family and became saved when I was 7 years old (a few months after my dad passed away). I think when he died, I realized that I wanted to go where he was and I was thinking about where I might go if I died. There have been many ups and downs along the way from then until now, but through those hard times it has truly brought me closer to God. I believe that if I never went through the things I had faced in the past that it truly wouldn't have made me the person I am today. I have often wondered where I would be without God or the trials I have faced.

My Beliefs:

I believe that God created everything (the earth, heavens, planets....everything) and we just didn't come to be or evolve. We are way to complex and detailed to just have "evolved". I believe that mankind had a choice of whether to sin, but we chose to sin and disobey God. When Adam and Eve sinned it effected all of mankind, resulting in the fall of man, resulting in sin to enter the world. Nobody is perfect, the only one who is perfect is God. In order for us to be able to go to heaven with God, He sent His Son, Jesus to earth to pay the price. Jesus was born on earth and was 100% man but also was 100% God, meaning that He had a human body, human attributes, suffered the same as we do, and was tempted the same as we are, but He also was still God and had a divine nature. Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead 3 days later- something nobody has ever done before, proving that He was the Son of God.

 In order for us to become saved and live in heaven with God, we cannot just do good works or pray to a priest. We first have to realize that we are a sinner and that Jesus died just for you so you can go to heaven. God offered His Son for everyone so that we can go to heaven and live with Him for eternity. After we have asked God to come into our life we should  then ask forgiveness for our sins that we have done so we can start fresh and have a relationship with God.

Accepting God as our Savior may seem quite simple and we may feel like there should be more for us to do, but just by accepting God's gift and believing in Him we can  have eternal life! After we become saved we should continue to grow with God in a relationship and pray to Him, seeking His guidance and talking with Him. We should also be witnessing to others and be examples of God in our actions and words.


    I enjoy writtting letters
    I enjoy the beach a lot!

    My favorite color isblue
    I like to cook
    I like gardening
    I enjoy writing or just writing stuff in my journal
    I would love to learn how to sing
    I enjoy knitting
    My favorite time of day is late night or early morning
    I would love to travel out side usa
    I love comments on my blog
    I 8 brothers and sister
    I like reading

  2. Nice, Britt!
    I enjoy many of those things too. :)

  3. I enjoy reading this Britt. Beach is my thing too, especially warm tropical beach like Hawaii's. Great proclamation of faith!! Keep shining the light for Jesus!

  4. I enjoyed reading this page and learning more about you. I love the beach too and am very fortunate to live in the sunny state of Florida :)

  5. Thank you all for your nice comments on my page. I appreciate them all!

    Savories of Life- thanks for leaving a comment. I have a lot in common with you!! :) Except maybe the gardening part...and the 8 brothers..hahaha...thanks for sharing!

    Godsgirlz- thanks for leaving a comment on my page and visiting!!

    Henry- yeah, the tropical beaches in Hawaii sound so refreshing! I would love to visit there!

    Norton Family- thanks! Wow, that's neat that you live in Florida- I actually visited Florida last summer (my senior class trip)it was very beautiful! Thanks for your comment!

  6. I enjoyed reading your ABOUT ME page and wanted to let you know. You are such a sweetheart and have lots going for you. Your photo reminds me of my niece in Kentucky. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Britt,
    I just found your blog! I'm following you via gfc.
    In Christ,
    Anne Katherine

  8. Hi! I just found your blog and I'm now a follower of it! I think you're pretty and your blog is really cool. I'm new to blogger so if you wanted to stop by my blog that would be sweet!


  9. Random Facts About Me
    1. I have a dog

    2. My favorite color is purple

    3. I have a typewriter

    4. I take horseback riding

    5. I'm about to turn 10

    6. My family has four cats and three dogs

    7. My two nicknames are ladybug, and Mak

    8. We used to own two horses

    9. I love writing stories

    10. My favorite time of the day is in the evening.

    Here's the link to my blog.

  10. Girl you're amazing! I'm going to love following your blog! :)

  11. Thanks Sarah- you are so sweet! :) You have an amazing blog as well!!

  12. Love your blog, girl. So encouraging to find others who love the Lord and live to tell about Him. Cannot wait to go read some more. :)
    Jess @ jmnway.blogspot.com

  13. to be honest? I actually hadn't read your beliefs before.. but Imma just say I agree 100% :) I love finding people who believe what I do. <3 <3 xx

    1. Oh, that's totally fine- I truly don't think I ever read yours either. That's so cool that we believe the same thing- I truly do like to find others that agree with me on the same things!! Thanks for leaving all your kind comments!

  14. Just found your blog! Follow mine?


  15. I think we would become fast friends! I too am 19. I too have a blog with a very similar focus as yours. I too enjoy all forms of writing (although I am terrible with conventions), taking pictures, designing and creating. SEE! I told you! I am excited to beggin reading some of your posts.


    1. Hey Dusty!! thanks so much for dropping by my blog! Aww..that's so cool that we are so alike!! I just dropped by your blog and started following yours!! that's neat that you enjoy the same things as me!! Thanks for your comment!!!

  16. What kind of church do you go to?

  17. Cooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm Baptist too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What kind of Baptist???????????? Independent, General, etc??????????? What's the name of your church???????????????

    1. Oh, that's cool! :) hmm...I'm not too sure what "kind" of Baptist I am, but I think the closest is Independent. How about you?

    2. I'm Independent!!!!!! My church is called Grace Baptist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Oh, that's cool that we are the same! :)

  18. I have loved looking at your blog! will definitely be following!

  19. I am 14 and love God with all my heart as well. Without him my life would be worthless

  20. Your page is very encouraging. I very much enjoy the real-life encouragement that you share. I am a photographer and your photos are also very beautiful. Keep sharing your heart--it's blessing more people than you realize.

  21. I just found your blog and am throughly enchanted, you definitely have yourself a new follower. :)


    1. Aww,thanks so much Ava! So glad you dropped by!

    2. So excited to dive into your blog! I love love love the title! I know your Dad is so proud of you as you honor our Heavenly Father through your talents!

      *Imagines I have a bag of gummy worms cuz I'm too lazy and comfyto go to the store now and dives into your posts!*


      Love from Texas,
      Stacie from Staciecherill.com

  22. Hi Britt!
    I came across your blog through my delving into the depths of the internet and have to say, it's blessed me such a lot. You're such a beautiful person with a beautiful heart chasing after the Lord!
    Newest fan and follower right here. :) Keep doing what you're doing!
    Blessings, Bonnie