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El Shaddai [The All Sufficient One]

When first beginning to study this name I have to admit all I could think of was the song by Amy Grant - "El-Shaddai, El-Shaddai, El-Elyon na Adonai, age to age, You're still the same by the power of the name..." I never really took the time to focus in on this name of God even though I've listened to the song countless times.

Upon further study, "El" is translated into "might and power" and "Shaddai," although it is known to be more difficult to decipher, it's root word is often translated into "God Almighty." While God is definitely all-powerful and mighty, in this case His name is relating more to His sovereignty and authority in our lives rather than His actual strength.

In Every Detail

It is neat to think that everything we own, all our possessions, who we are, all our abilities and talents were given by God. He has blessed us with all that we have. It may feel like you obtained and earned them on your own. It may feel like you can take credit for your successes and abilities, but everything was given by God. And just as God provides and is intertwined with every detail of our lives, we too have a desire that can only be satisfied by God. It might be placed deep inside and hidden behind all the temporary satisfactions we desire, but it is there. We have a longing within our hearts that can only be met by God.

Although it may seem like some of the desires and aspirations of this world will fulfill us we often quickly find our heart longing for more or searching for something better. We must completely empty ourselves of selfish desires, lust and pride so we can be filled and used by God in an extraordinary way. When we are empty and waiting to be filled by God it can often feel like we are a broken piece of pottery waiting to be turned into something of worth. We feel like we lack purpose. But in due time God will fill us with the purpose He created and molded us for.

Stripping Away

Lately it has felt as if God has been stripping away everything in my life. Friends. Relationships. Work. Success. Confidence. Through this time it has honestly been difficult to find contentment with my life. I've struggled to accept that the things I once had, desired and attained will not satisfy my heart. Even though this current season that has seemed long and ever-so-quiet, I have been applying this truth ever so slowly in my life - that God is all I need. While it is beneficial to have friends, family, possessions, a career, etc. they will not satisfy our hearts. Without God we will never feel satisfied. While there are days that I feel so empty, God has been continually teaching me to seek after Him and focus solely on Him. Others may reject us. They will let us down. They will fail. But God will never fail or forsake us. He promises to fill our empty hearts and have them overflowing with blessings.

Often times it is hard to trust that God is near. It's difficult when we can't see Him or hear His voice. When it feels like everything is stripped from us, and on top of that, God feels far away, it can often leave us feeling forgotten and forsaken. It's easy to find our satisfaction in God when we feel like we're on top of the world, but when our world is shaken and the mountains are crumbling it is challenging to find contentment in Someone we can't physically see, touch or hear. When it feels like God is all we have left and we can't feel Him life gets hard. We feel like we're alone to fend for ourselves. Please let me tell you that God hasn't forgotten you. He's been there all along. He is still all you need. Rest in the promises He has provided you with.

In Due Season

Almost every year we plant a garden in our backyard full of tomatoes, corn and beans. My mom had just finished planting everything and tonight while I was having one of my long talks with her, as I always do, I got to thinking how seeds work. Isn't it interesting how seeds can still grow even when they have no sunlight underneath the deep soil in the earth? We can't see that they are there or how much they have grown, but underneath the soil it is developing and strengthening. Then the day arrives that we see it burst through the soil and it's life is revealed to us. I thought of how this can relate to our lives. We may not see anything but barren unfruitful soil, but in due time the seed of our faith will burst through and will be revealed to us. We will see that our desire and acknowledgement to solely find our satisfaction in God will be worth it.

Matthew 6:33

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Character Example

Job seemed like a good character to correlate with God's sufficiency. I admire Job's life and his reliance on God even after all he owned was taken from him. God states in the beginning of the chapter of Job that he was upright and loved God. Even though he served God and loved him, Satan sought out to test Job's faith. All his children were killed, along with his livestock, wealth and possessions. Nothing would be the same as it was. The pain of continuing on after all seemed like it was taken from him must have been devastating. His wife told him to curse God and die and his friends accused him that the trial he was experiencing was a punishment for sins he committed. God saw potential in Job and allowed Satan to test him to reveal his reliance on God.

All that Job had was taken from him, but one thing remained - God. Although God seemed silent, Job continued to focus and seek Him. Job encountered periods of doubting and questioning why he was experiencing heartache, but he continually remained faithful. Here we can see God acting as El Shaddai. Everything Job knew had changed. He had nothing left to rely on, but God remained. He was able to find satisfaction in God knowing He was present even through the most darkest of times. He didn't know what the future would hold, but he held onto the truth that God keeps His promises and won't forsake us even when He feels silent. God later blessed Job's life by giving him twice as much than he had before and he lived to be 140 years old.

Jeremiah 29:13

You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.


Dear Lord, through this time right now it's difficult to find complete satisfaction in You. Please give me the desire to seek after You with my whole heart. Help me not to place other desires before You. Let me entrust them to You and find complete sufficiency knowing that You love me, accept me, chose me and desire to be my Friend. Thank You for loving me and always listening even when I don't take the time to spend with You. Help all of the chaos from this world, the struggles, pain, sorrow, worries, desires and dreams I have fade into the background and allow Your voice to become the only one I hear. Strengthen my relationship with You during this time. When I'm focused on You, I know that You will never let me down because You always are working for my best. Help me crave You more than anything this world can offer!

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