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Jehovah Shammah [The Lord is There]

Questioning God's presence and activity in my life has always been something I've struggled with. I look to the past and see how God has worked, but I grow doubtful when I look at my present circumstances and my future because all I see is so much uncertainty. I wonder what God is doing and how this is all working for my best. I question His plans and wonder how this is strengthening me.

Weight of Your Burdens

Sometimes I feel so alone. I feel like the worries and burdens on my heart that tear me down every day are only mine to bear. While I'm responsible for my actions, words and choices, my life was never truly mine, because it is in God's hands. I was never meant to carry the weight of my circumstances and burdens on my heart by myself. I like clarity and direction and it seems like this life always has some gaping hole of uncertainty that leaves me anxious and doubtful of what lies ahead. I have slowly been learning to view uncertainty as an opportunity to strengthen my faith, patience and trust even when the future seems dark and unknown.

Let Down

Trust is one characteristic I struggle with most. I've been let down, hurt and disappointed countless times (as I'm sure you have too). Although, trust in man is different than trust in God. People will let us down, but God always has a plan. He sees the big picture and there is a purpose to what we are experiencing. When we trust God we never have to worry if we will be let down. Although it may seem like God is breaking your heart, you can rest assured He's got it and He knows what He's doing. He's in control and sees all things. He is working for your absolute best and will provide for you in the perfect timing.

When you're growing weary and looking to the future, full of uncertainty, rest in the promise that God is there. He sees your future and not one thing is incorrect or missing. He's provided just what you need and will continue to work in your life to the fullest. He hasn't forgotten you. He is present with you in your current circumstances and has never left you alone to fend for yourself.


Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

Character Example

Abraham was a Biblical character that came to mind that related to this characteristic of God. I can't imagine the thoughts running through Abraham's mind when he was traveling with his son Isaac to sacrifice him. The fear and anxious thoughts must have been running rampant through his mind as every step led him closer to sacrifice him. I know I would have questioned God's sovereignty and provision. I would have questioned God's goodness and wondered how slaying my son would have a good outcome? I would have questioned why all the days of my faith and trusting in God had led me to do something so difficult to someone I loved so much.

It is here though that I like to notice two things. First, Abraham's faith in God. He trusts God's will and knows that He has a perfect plan and still follows through even when the future looks terrifying. Abraham knew God's character and that He wouldn't allow him to do anything that wasn't for the best of him and Isaac. He knew God was a good God and didn't set out to hurt them. Second, God shows His character here. He went ahead and was there with Abraham and Isaac all the way up until the moment He allowed Abraham to keep from sacrificing Isaac. Although to Abraham, God may have seemed far and mysterious, God showed His character and reminded both Abraham and Isaac that He was there and saw their faith and trust even amidst a trying circumstance. He saw their true faith when they didn't understand and blessed them for their faith. I can't imagine the relief for both of them afterwards!

He is Present

Sometimes it feels like God is so far away. Like we can't feel Him. It's like He's given us the cold shoulder and has rejected us forever. I've heard countless times not to base our thoughts off of feelings. Feelings aren't truth. They can deceive us and get the best of us. God promises to always be with us, so when we feel like God isn't near, it reminds me that my feelings are faulty. I'm basing my joy and trust in something other than God and allowing it to get the upper hand. Don't let your feelings or Satan get the best of you. Remember God's promises. You don't have to be afraid or question the worth of your future because the Lord is there. When He is present and working you know that your life is exactly how it should be and nothing is lacking or missing. He's provided you with exactly what you need and in the perfect timing. When it feels like everything else has been stripped from your life, know that you have all you need because the Lord is there.


Lord, right now you feel far. You feel silent and I'm not sure what You are doing. Give me faith to keep trusting even when I don't feel you. Help me not to base my faith and thoughts on my feelings, but rely on Your truth. You are always working, even when I don't see You. You never leave my side and You are with me even when the road gets dark. I'm never alone. You will never forsake me and You already have great plans in store for me. Remind me that when my life feels far from perfect and I feel like I'm lacking, that You are providing just what I need. I'm not missing out. I'm exactly where You want me when I'm seeking after You. Take my fears, worries and uncertain future and give me confidence knowing You are there and working through it all.

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  1. I love this particular blog. You are so young and it's so refreshing to see the Lord working in you to encourage others. This encourages me as a mother who is searching for the Lord's direction in my life. Thank you for writing this.