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Jehovah Shalom [the Lord is Peace]

I'm a person who enjoys the quiet and some alone time. As I sit here writing tonight, the wind gracefully sweeps into my room as my curtain gently floats back and forth. I can hear the fresh green leaves fluttering outside my window in the gentle breeze. All seems at peace while the rest of the world is sleeping and I can sit down and write.

Peace is something that is hard to attain during a majority of the day. Most days consist of stress, worry, panic and frantic duties that we need to accomplish. It's difficult to find a moment and just relax, let alone find time to attain peace. I can honestly say the moments that I experience true peace are times spent with God. Whether it be reading my Bible, writing or spending time out in nature, when I'm alone and able to find a quiet place to spend time with God is when I feel most peaceful. Maybe it's because I can just be me. No expectations to meet. No deadlines. No responsibilities. I can just be me and I don't have to act like I have it all-together. I don't have to seek acceptance. I don't have to prove myself. I don't have to have the perfect words. I can just open my heart to God without worrying if He'll stop listening or loving me. And if I'm lost for words, He's content if I just remain silent and listen.

True Peace

I truly believe that true peace cannot be found in any other place than with God. We may experience relaxation, contentment and rest, maybe even peace, but true peace comes from a right relationship with God. True peace is found knowing that God has everything in His hands. True peace is finding contentment in God, not the things of this world. It's easy to get stressed and worried with everything the world expects from us, but when we're focused solely on God we can find peace that extends into the deepest concerns on our hearts. Even during the most darkest of days and uncertain of times, we can find true peace knowing that God has purpose and He has a great plan in store for our lives.

When times are difficult and we're not sure where God is, we often are desperate to find peace in Him. We crave and seek after it because our hearts are longing for rest from the chaos. God can give us a peace that doesn't change regardless of what we may be going through. The peace and contentment we can find in this world may satisfy us, but only temporarily. It is fleeting and passes away abruptly. God's peace is something we can rest in time after time and come out feeling satisfied. While it is hard to obtain this peace often in our busy lives, when we do experience it, it is priceless.

John 14:27

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

No Matter What

Maybe you're fearful of what tomorrow brings. Maybe you're anxious and worried of the future. Maybe you feel like there are constant worries on your heart that are burdens you are just too tired of carrying. You wish you could let them go, but every time you feel like you've just about overcome them, you find yourself dragging them behind you, unwilling to give them up.

Look to God and seek Him for peace amidst your situations. He may not provide a solution to your circumstances immediately. He may not answer your prayers the way you'd like, but seeking God as our peace can allow us to have a different perspective on our situations. Trust that He will be with you and no matter what happens He remains steadfast in His love for you. Everything we are experiencing is worth it. Everything has a purpose. He's the maker of the heavens and the earth, He created your life with amazing potential. He is involved in every moment of your life. 

Isn't it assuring to be reminded that God is in control of all things and it isn't up to us to work everything out. We play a part, but God's got it. We don't have to worry or fear, because God has got control. Our hearts may hurt and our stress level may be through the roof, but it's not our duty to take it upon ourselves. When we go to God and take our worries and desires to Him, He can give us a fresh perspective that reminds us that it was never our burden to carry. When we are seeking God and entrusting our lives to Him we can rest assured that He is working; He is using all things to strengthen us and glorify Him, even when it feels like our world is crumbling.

Peace may feel like a far-fetched ambition we desire to attain, but with God's help and perseverance we can tap into that satisfying peace that God so freely offers to those who desire to let go of their situations and entrust them to God. Peace isn't about feeling content or happy, it is about letting go and letting God take control. It's about finding a divine perspective to the temporal struggles we face day in and day out. 

1 Peter 5:7

Cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you


Lord, life right now feels like it is burdening me with worries and fears. Things that I can't fix. I don't know what else to do so I'm giving them to You. I'm letting go of them and asking You to give me an eternal perspective that only You can give. Give me peace in this situation to rest, knowing that You are taking care of things when I feel like they are slipping through the cracks. You are working when I can't see it. Remind me that I won't find peace in anyone or anything but You. Calm my heart and remind me that in all things You are working for my best. Your plans far exceed the plans I have. You are with me even when the world abandons me. You will be my strength when I am too afraid to step out. Lord, I'm letting go. Help me to hand this over to you so I can find peace solely in You.


  1. This is so so true. The past couple of months I have been looking for what I would consider "peace" in the world, but I realized it can really only come when you know you are in a right place with God. I've also really been thinking about the past couple of days the song by Laura Story, "I Can Just Be Me", that I have to let God be in control and I will be content. When I try to be the god of my own world, I can't be myself. I can't let God be God.

    Thanks for all of these reminders, your blog is such an encouragement.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Lauren! I love that song by Laura Story too. :) Thanks for dropping by!