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Desiring God

Have you ever wondered why your prayers seem to go unanswered? Have you questioned why God hasn't met the desires of your heart? You've prayed, waited and trusted but you still feel like your life is foggy.

I've had these thoughts run through my mind before and allowed them to discourage my outlook. I've let doubts run through my mind that cause me to wonder where God is and what He is up to. When things seem silent regarding my requests I question His ability to hear me.

Recently as I was listening to the radio in my car this past week I heard a testimonial along with a verse from Psalm 37 that really impacted me. I had heard the verse many times before but it touched me in a different way.

Psalm 37:4
Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

As I took a deeper look into this verse that I had often skimmed over, I found a truth so applicable to my own life. How many times do I find delight and contentment in other things (possessions, success, talents, people, etc.) and I fail to find contentment in the area it truly matters. Before all else, I should desire God. Only God. If I can find true contentment in Him, He will then fulfill desires that He sees fit to be met. It doesn't happen in reverse order.

Delighting yourself in God isn't something that you should only do when times are good. It's not something you should only do for a short period of time, but it is something you should constantly find yourself engaging in. When you delight in something you are solely focused on, and it is done effectively, all else fades into the background. We should be this way with God. We should be so focused on Him and trusting in Him that even when plans fall short and we may feel like an utter failure, we can still have joy because our focus (our delight) is in God and not temporal things that will pass away.

When you fully delight yourself solely in God, you can let go of those things you hold onto so tightly. You don't have to have control over them for them to become fulfilled. It's kind of odd, but by letting go of those things you desire so strongly, it actually gives you a peace and affirmation knowing God will work things out for the best. He knows the best timing and what you truly need. Letting go of our desires is definitely not an easy task, but when we do, it reveals our trust in God with the things we value and seek the most in our lives.

It has taken me so long to let go of things in my own life and give God the control I once thought I needed to have. Although I still struggle with trusting Him in that area (and many others) I have found a peace knowing that He is working and has His best plan for my life, even when it feels like I'm in a waiting period. I know that God is using every season of my life for a unique purpose and I can find contentment knowing He is working and doing great things no matter how insignificant they may seem.

Let your life be so focused on God that you see things through a perspective that allows you to let the worries and desires of this world fade away. When we can find delight in God we realize we don't need the pleasures and satisfactions this world makes us think are so vital to be happy or live a fulfilled life.

I may not be in a relationship. I may not live on my own or have my own children. I may not have a lofty job position. I may not be as intelligent as some. I may be plain and ordinary. I may not have the latest phone or own a sports car. But I can find my joy and contentment in the One who loves me the way I am and doesn't care where I live, how many friends I have or how much money I possess. He looks deeper than that. And I want to look deeper than that too. I want to focus on the God who is present in my life even when I don't see Him. I want to be so focused on Him that my outlook on life changes and I can find opportunities to share and show His love to others.

Maybe you struggle finding contentment in your season of life. Maybe you've been waiting. Hoping. Praying. And nothing seems to be happening. Take your focus off the problems, worries and stresses you are encountering. Focus on God. Look only to Him. Remember He has great plans for you. Let your delight be in Him. Find joy in knowing He will not be disappointed in you or what you do, because He understands and still loves you. His love never fails. Delight yourself in His promises and in His truths. Let them be what lifts you up amidst the storms you may be facing. Look to the One who can help you through and will never leave your side. When you place your satisfaction in God, your desires will match up with His and you can have a hope in your foggy future because you know God is in control.

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