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Armored Against the Enemy [a free PDF download]

A few months back I felt God bringing up a specific topic to my attention. It was something I wanted to grow deeper in and focus more in my life. God kept bringing the armor of God up in my devotions so I decided to take a closer look. Upon delving deeper into this topic I really have found it personally encouraging and wanted to share some of my thoughts regarding it with all of you. Actually in the process of writing out all the pages and nearing the end of my study, I ended up losing almost all my work and I had to go back and rewrite everything. Hopefully God allowed me to add something I may have missed beforehand and it allowed me to apply the truths even more into my own life.

Anyways, while studying, I've realized how often this topic is applicable to our everyday lives. We often forget that we are living in a spiritual battle. Satan is out to get us and we need to be aware of his targets of discouragement. I've definitely grown accustomed to his deceptive tricks and it truly does take initiative to fight back and focus on God's perception of us.

In this world it is so easy to get caught up in negativity, complaining, doubts, discouragement, worry, fear, shame, the list could go on and on. Once Satan starts infiltrating our minds with these thoughts it just keeps flowing in deeper and deeper into our mindset and hearts. It becomes second nature to complain about a bad day, beat ourselves up over our mistakes, feel guilt for sins that have already been forgiven and worry over what could happen.


I wanted to create a short study of the seven pieces of armor that God has given us to withstand the devil. I believe they are vital to use in our Christian walk, and quite honestly I didn't even understand the full purpose and importance of them all until I studied them deeper.

Our world is a difficult place to live in with society and things constantly changing. Our perspectives are easily sidetracked to all our problems and we forget who our true enemy is. It's not our struggles, people, government, or circumstances that is the problem, it's Satan trying to get our focus caught up in all those things so we lose sight that he's the source of all the evil we encounter. We need to have a battle plan to fight his deception, and God has given us the necessary tools to do so.

I'm including a link to the thirteen page PDF of my thoughts and ramblings on the armor of God. I hope it can be an encouragement to you and help you take defense as you try to withstand the devil and live for God.

Download THE PDF >>

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