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Be Still & Know

Have you ever felt like your heart can't find rest from the weight on your shoulders? All your mistakes, mishaps, failures and insecurities keep you up at night and seem to dominate your thoughts. Your doubts and perceptions of others creep in and contaminate your positivity.


Have you ever told yourself not to get to happy, excited or content with where you are because you knew it would end in dismay? Often times I discourage myself from getting excited or confident in anything because I know it will just let me down. I know it will lead to discouragement. I also intentionally worry so that I can go into situations with a mindset ready for failure, so anything short of making a total fool of myself will result in some sort of accomplishment. Yeah, I know, it's totally backwards and typing it out sounds even more absurd.

When we grow weary with our lives, struggles and circumstances we don't have to grow discouraged. When the world throws insurmountable pressures on us and we feel like we're not measuring up, we can remember these truths: Be still and know, you don't have to worry. God sees you. He will find you where you are. He is strong when you are weak. He is all you need. His love will never fail you. Trust Him. Just be still and know.


I've realized that a big part of my worrying is caused by my lack of trust. I grow discouraged and upset in myself, and in my situations, because I don't trust that God has a perfect plan. I fear the future because I rely on my own strength and I don't trust that He will help me through. I worry because I forget the God that is by my side and I fail to trust that He is with me no matter where I go or what I do.

If you feel like you're heart is broken and your stressed beyond what you can handle, trust God, be still and know. Trust that God has got it under control. Give it over to Him. Let Him take over. Don't let doubt cloud up your view. Look at your situations knowing and trusting God will be with you - He will strengthen and help you through. You're not in this alone. Remember Who you are praying to. Remember who He is. He is an all-knowing, everlasting, never failing, never changing, faithful, loving, caring, understanding God. He is in control of all things and His plans are entirely for your best.

We can say all we want that we trust God, but trust comes when we have no doubts. No worries. No fear. Yeah, it sounds like a fantasy world, but true trust is when we have faith in God, knowing He is working and will help us through, even when there seems to be no hope. It's entrusting our biggest "if's," placing them in His hands and realizing He knows better than us. It's giving Him total control and not second guessing His power or plans.


Take whatever burden is on your heart and give it up to God. You don't have to carry it anymore. Cry out to the Lord, He's there to offer you rest and a refuge in the midst of your storm. He sees what you're going through and understands. Give the burdens of your heart to God and trust that He will help you through. He will guide you when your path is dark. He will be your strength when you are weak. He will be your stronghold when all else fails. He will remain with you even when everyone else abandons you. Trust Him. Be still and know He is working!

I found this song recently, and it actually inspired my post so I thought I would share it. I hope you enjoy it!

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