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Trusting {poem}

When will it be time? When will he come along?
When will I meet the one I've been waiting for, for so long?
Watching everyone else find their special someone
Leaves me wondering if I will ever meet "the one"
Lord, I'm waiting.
Waiting to find the right one and not rush into dating

Things worthwhile should never be rushed
Because patience helps deepen our faith and strengthen our trust
Help me to grow through this time
Work in my heart and strengthen my relationship with You in the meantime

And when that moment comes and the time is right
I will have true joy knowing that I obeyed and waited for Your "green light"
I don't want to follow a road where You're not by my side
I need You as my leader. I need You as my guide.
Help me to be fervent in prayer for my husband and me both
And even though we're apart, that we would seek after You and continue to grow
Help me to gain confidence and get me ready
So I will be a strong, godly mother and wife for my family

So help me not to wait, but trust in You Lord
Help me to trust that You have great plans in store
Help me to trust that You'll bring along a man who will pursue me
And until then, I will continue to pursue You, until we're both ready
Ready for the right moment that we'll meet each other
And we're ready to grow in our relationship with God together

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