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Goodbye {poem}

Feeling an all too familiar ache in my heart
It feels like it's tearing me apart
Wishing I could see your face once more
To have things back to what they once were before
Missing your words of wisdom and your caring smile
And your unwavering love and knowledge of the Bible
I try to hide the pain deep inside so nobody sees
But sometimes the pain hurts so bad it's hard to breathe
The tears of pain turn into tears of asking "why?"
Why are the people I love always saying goodbye?
How come once I grow close to someone You take them away?
Will anyone I love ever stay?

Life seems so empty here without you
I wish you were here now more than ever to help see me through
But I know God has supplied all I need
Without you here it has helped me rely on God more as my lead 
I miss you more than words can express
But I know that even through the pain God is working all things out for the best
He has shown me that even through the darkest of nights there is a dawn
And just when it seems like nobody cares, He's always there to lean on
In this life I'll have to say many goodbyes and I know things will change
But God will always be there and His love will always remain.

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