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Failed It or Nailed It?

Sometimes I get caught up in the petty problems of this life. I get carried away. I focus on the negatives. I harbor over what others think of me. I constantly replay all the mistakes I made throughout the day in my mind. I lose sight of why I'm here. I forget my purpose.

As I was reading in my devotions I read something that really made me think. It mentioned that "God wants you to want Him as much as He wants you." It's so nice to know that somebody wants me. Somebody cares if I had a bad day. Somebody cares to listen. Somebody cares about the things I worry about. Somebody wants me even with all my mistakes.

It's so sad that the person who cares the most about me is the person I often put aside. I make time for others throughout the day, but God sometimes get's pushed aside. It's sad that what God thinks of me is often outweighed by everyone else's attitudes and comments about me. Instead I should be thinking of how God views me. How often I lose sight of my life and potential God has for me.

It's kinda like baking- even though the batter may look pretty messy when your mixing everything up and you wonder how it will ever turn out to be a worthy dessert you sometimes have to have faith that what you did will turn out. When it's put in the heat- it will show what you've put into the batter. It will either come out as a fail or a "nailed it."

Same with us, even though we may feel like our life is a mess and we feel ugly or unwanted, God is using all our "ingredients" to make us fully equipped to test the fire. We often have to trust in Him and know that what feels like a mess will one day show what we've put into our life. One day our lives will be tested with fire and only what was done for Him will remain. It will show if we failed or if we "nailed it." Often we get carried away in what our lives look like before we get put in the oven. When we should be focusing on the end result. Don't get downcast on your life by what you see right now- keep focused on the end result!

Live out your life and put ingredients into your bowl that will be worth the end result! Take time to spend with God and thank Him for all that He's done. Look at the ways He has provided. Remember the things He's done for you. Recall His promises to you! Don't live a life that is worthy of a failure, but rather live a life so when you reach heaven you can say "I nailed it!"


  1. Beautiful post, Britt. And so true.
    Like this. Let's break up the ingredients of your average cake. Let's take three and see if they taste good.
    Baking Powder
    Vanilla Essence
    & Raw Egg
    Alone, they don't taste good. Mix them all together with other ingredients, put them in the oven - and then the result will be delicious. (Well, it might depend if you're a good cook or not...)
    Anyway. #rambling
    Thanks for this.

    1. Thanks Tane! What a great observation that each by itself doesn't taste good but all of them together they do! :)

  2. True and beautiful post! I felt like there was a presence watching over me when I was younger, but back then I wasn't as close to God (thought I think I can be closer to him). I would just talk and talk on for hours, writing and writing. That was the only way I would feel as if someone would listen for once; just listen, to a girl with so many problems. But cakes; that's a good synonym for life. :)

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Morning! Sorry to hear about how you felt alone, know that God is always there for you! :)

  3. Such an amazing post! Your analogy is beautiful. Such a good reminder to use ingredients that glorify God and will bring an end result that truly matters. Love it!
    I have my own blog if you would like to check it out! www.establishedinfaith.blogspot.com

    1. Aww, thanks Alyssa! I'll check out your blog!

  4. You have a wonderful blog! I look forward to reading more. :)