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Do I Have Wisdom?

Do you ever feel like the one who lacks knowledge? 
You always seek others for help and guidance but you never feel like others seek you?
You wonder when you will gain that wisdom others have.
You wish someone needed you for something.

Sometimes I feel like such a pest. I always have to seek others for help and guidance for things. I wonder if there will ever come a day when I will be that wise person that someone seeks to find guidance or knowledge from. Will I ever be smart enough for someone to value my opinion?

Often it gets tiring always having to seek help from others and not be able to decipher things on my own. I wish I didn't have to bother others for my problems and could solve things on my own. I wish I had enough knowledge to know what is best to do.

Some lyrics to a song were making me think today and kinda inspired the post...

There was a season in your life
When everyone was smarter
The best advice that they could give
You'll have to work much harder
Then finally someday you'll be wise
you decide // brandon heath

It seems as though I'm always stuck in this stage of life that everyone seems smarter. Everyone seems wiser and in control. I feel so ignorant and unqualified. I feel so inferior to others. I feel like the last two lines of the lyrics will never be true of myself. I try to work hard but I will never be wise. 

But then I look deeper. What am I working hard at? my career? or my character? often I find my work is based more on this life and not what I should be working hard at. Often I try to work hard at the tasks I have and not the attitude or actions I do during those tasks. Maybe that is what defines true wisdom. It's not based on how much you know or what your job title is; but rather, it's how you act and your character. True wisdom, I feel, is shown through your character. It's shown through what you do and say. It's shown through your life. 

Maybe you don't have a category people come to you to seek wisdom. Maybe you don't feel talented in a certain area that you can call yourself knowledgeable or skilled at. But maybe others look at your life and see your wisdom through your character and beliefs. Maybe your whole life is a testimony of wisdom. You may not think you are qualified to be wise, but others may just not come right out and say it. 

But if you feel like you are lacking wisdom in your life, or maybe even a certain area, ask God for His wisdom. He will help you obtain the needed knowledge that you need. We may look up to those who are wise and seek their opinion, but we all lack wisdom in certain areas. Maybe you are skilled in one area more than another - we each have our own skills and abilities that others may not. Don't doubt your knowledge and look at it like it's inferior, God is using it in many ways.

Remember, you may not think you have wisdom, but you may just be missing how others see you. People don't always have to come to you for help, they could be looking at your life and getting the answers from you without even asking. We can always go to God and seek His wisdom, because He is the source of all knowledge and He will give us the wisdom we need!

Psalm 111:10
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding.



  1. If you see it from the person who gives the wisdom, it's very hard and pressuring. A lot of people come up to me, almost all older than me, asking for my advice on a certain topic. I'm thrilled that they are asking me for help, but sometimes, I don't know what the answer to their problem is and I just can't help them. And a lot of things could go wrong from there... Honestly, I think you harbor a lot of wisdom. You write and post about things that people can relate to and that some people need to be reminded of daily through their lives. So don't look down upon yourself; you give wisdom!!! Just know that. ^.^

    xoxo Morning

    1. Wow, that's so inspiring that others come up to you who seek your advice and opinions on things- especially those older than you! Yeah, I'm sure it's tough trying to know what is best answer for their problem- but I'm sure you are a great help to them :) Aww, thanks so much! You are so kind- thank you for your encouragement. I needed it today :)