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Yielding Fruit in Due Season

God has really been testing me recently with working hard when there seems to be no apparent reward in sight. Sometimes we feel like we "work, work, work" and all we get is criticism. Sometimes the effort we put in doesn't seem to show. It's frustrating when all we feel is disapproval when we've been giving it all we've got.

A verse in Psalm 1 really caught my attention while reading it earlier. It says that "He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season." Often times I feel like the farmer waiting for the fruit to blossom on the crop. I've planted, watered, kept care of and slaved over my crop and now I want my reward. Sometimes storms come and impact the crop, but if their roots are deep they will remain grounded even through the worst of times. It's the same with our life- often times we feel like we've worked and put so much effort in and now we're waiting anxiously to get our reward. Sometimes it seems like the storms of life keep knocking us down and it's hard to rise up after feeling so weak from all that life throws at us; but if we rely on God and seek His strength He will be our strong "roots" in times of trouble.

In Psalm 1 it also mentioned that "He is like a tree planted by streams of water." I thought this was neat because it reminds me that we are planted right next to a resource- a supply. I like to think that the stream of water is God. He is our resource and our supply when we are lacking strength. He is the one that keeps us strong and keeps us alive. There are many days that I feel like I'm using up all the water in the stream because I am lacking everything within me. But the thing is, we can never even begin to use up all the water in the stream because God supplies an over-abundant amount of provision for us.

So if you are feeling weak and like you're about to give up- just remember that you will yield your fruit in due season. It will be worth the wait when you receive all that you have worked for. Don't give up yet. It may seem like the harvest will never come, but it's right around the corner. You will be rewarded for all that you've done- nothing will go unnoticed. All the overlooked effort and criticism you have received will be made right. Don't let what others do to you define how you view yourself.

Keep working hard because when harvest time comes your life will be bursting forth with the fruit of your labor. Know that not one second is overlooked.


  1. I came across your blog today and I know it was God who brought it to my attention. I have read several of your posts now and I feel encouraged. Thanks for sharing from your heart.

    1. Oh, glad you were able to find my blog and get encouraged some!! It's all God, cause He's the one who's helped me write the posts!! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Thank you so much for this beautiful post Britt! I really needed to hear this.

    It is easy to work when we know that we will be rewarded for our work but when it comes to work continually without any apparent reward in sight, it is really difficult to continue working with the same strength.

    Your post gave me the grace to meditate once more on this beautiful Psalm and realize how blessed we are to be able to lean every time on Him when we are tired. Knowing that I am next to the source itself gave me strength to continue working and courage to move on no matter what.

    It is hard to keep on working sometimes but it’s what I should do and keep in mind that I will yield fruit in due season and that the Lord knows everything that He is doing. Your post reminded me of Bible verse, “He has made everything beautiful in His time” Ecclesiastes 3:11 and that I should be patient, wait upon the Lord and trust Him till the end.

    Thank you for this beautiful thought, may God bless you always.