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Would He Be Proud?

Have you ever wanted to do something more with your life? Something more than just getting up everyday and working? Doing more than just the daily schedule of everyday life?  Have you ever just wanted your life to be used to inspire someone else?

Sometimes I wonder if the life I'm living is pleasing God. Sometimes I wonder if my dad would be pleased with the life I'm living. And I wish that I could have both my dad and God here with me to talk to face to face to get guidance and encouragement from.
Sometimes praying and talking to God without seeing Him is so hard. Often times I feel like I'm talking to the air and I wish I could feel Him more. I know He's there, but sometimes I doubt.

Lately I feel as though I've been just passing through each day and not actually living and being a good witness. I feel like most of my time is focused on the work I have to get done and what will benefit me best. It's hard resetting our focus on others and living for God when this world, and everything in it, tells us it's all about "me, me me." "How much income do you make." "Do you have a boyfriend?" "Are you most popular." "Are you a straight A student."

I have to continually remind myself and reset my focus off my needs and wants and remember it's not all about me. It's not how many friends I have, it's about the type of friend I am to others. It's not about the love that is shown to me, but the love I show to others. It's not about me expressing my thoughts and being able to talk about my day, but listening to others too. Life is not all about us. It is about us showing love to others- the love God has displayed to us. We wouldn't be here without Him.

So focus on ways to inspire and touch others this week. Compliment others and show them that you care. Do something special or kind for someone without expecting anything in return. Do things because you care, not because you are required to or want to be accepted. We all want to feel loved and encouraged- make the first move and show God's love even if you don't feel any in return.

I want to live a life that I can be proud of. And even more, I want to live a life that God will be proud of. I have made mistakes, big and small, but I know God will be with me to help me back up again. I've lost focus and drifted, but He'll be with me to set me straight again. Be reminded that this life isn't about what we are doing, but how we are living and using this life God has given us. Choose to live a life now that you can look back on when you reach heaven and will be proud of.

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