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True Beauty {poem}

[a handlettering and photo I did of a verse I thought would fit in with the theme of the poem]

Beauty doesn't come from the attire we wear
Beauty is not in our flawless skin color or perfect hair
Beauty lies deep within our heart
It is this beauty that sets us uniquely apart
True beauty is not something that is physically seen
It is our character that is often "behind the scenes"
Beauty is our attitude on a bad day
Beauty is our choice of words and the things we say
You may feel ugly and unattractive
But don't look at the outside,
Look to your heart.
Ugliness isn't determined by how we look on the outside
It is determined by how we act and what is inside
True beauty shines from within your heart
And bursts forth showing a beautiful "work of art"
We can be beautiful by how we live our life
Beautiful people look to God and find hope in the midst of strife.
Focus on being beautiful in your heart and not just in your appearance
because inner beauty is worth more than what you could ever put on your face
Spend more time looking at your inner beauty than in the mirror
Because, it will remind you of your worth and also bring you cheer!


  1. Wow, okay. Just wow. You've got a way with words, and YOU are truly beautiful. Inside out. x

  2. Your poems are always so beautiful and amazing Britt!