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Looking Back {poem}

Thinking of you today
If you were here I wonder what you'd say
I've been missing you more recently
Thinking of you more frequently
It was hard when you missed my high school graduation
And the day college began
I wish you could have been there to comfort my mom on the day you left
That day was so hard for her, but I know she was relieved that you were finally at rest
None of us were the same after that day
I wish you were were there to tell me everything would be okay

Now as I look back I can see that God was taking care of everything
What I thought was a tragedy God was using as a blessing
There are so many days that are hard without you here
I wish that you could ease my worries and cast away my fears

I know that since you've gone I've changed
I've seen the inside of myself shift and rearrange
Sometimes I want the old me back again
Back to how things had been
Back before I felt true pain

Everyday there's something else you miss in my life
Another day I need you to help me get through the stress and strife
I miss you dad, more and more with each passing day
Please know my love for you will never, ever fade

I hope my life can be something you're proud of
And that maybe you can see what I'm doing from up above
I'm so glad that you and God are both my fathers
And that God's blessed me with an amazing sister and one awesome mother

God, you've blessed me with such a great family
Help me to remain thankful for all that You've done for me
I know You are taking care of my dad
And You have been working through my life even when times were bad
Please continue to use my life for Your glory
Let it be used to touch others lives and not just focused on me
Cause when I reach heaven I want my dad and You to say you are proud of the life I lived


  1. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I find I cannot add anything to this, though there really is no need. :]

    Hi, I'm Sarah. And I recently stumbled onto your blog. I love poetry and I believe the poem above speaks right from the heart, as I know you meant it too. Well done.

    Grief in loss doesn't ever really leave. It fades, yes. But only God can give the filling comfort one is searching for.


    1. Wow, great comment, thanks for dropping by!! :)