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Waiting & Wanting

Sometimes I wonder why God has me waiting
Waiting to graduate college
Waiting to walk down the aisle to marry my husband
Waiting to have a relationship with someone
Waiting to feel successful
Waiting to feel talented

There are so many things that we wait for in this life. Sometimes I want to rush into things in my life and not wait for the right timing. God's timing is always perfect. I've found that when I rush in doing things in my timing it doesn't feel right and leaves me feeling icky inside.

When we do things with God's timing and trust in His will and wait we will find that it is hard, but when the answer does come it is worth it. It may not be our answer to prayer, but we know that God is doing it for a special reason. We may not understand God's reasoning, but in the end everything will make sense. Sometimes things seem so big and necessary to have in this life that I'm willing to put them before God's will when in reality they are so menial and insignificant. How often my view gets shifted and things hinder my view from God.

I want my way and that is all I focus on. I don't focus on my life's testimony or what God thinks of me. I just want my way and don't seek Him with the decisions I am making. Lately I feel like I've been focusing on college and just wanting to get through classes and wanting to graduate when I should be relying on God and trusting in Him that He will do what is best. It is all in His timing. I shouldn't let classes and my wants get in the way of what His plans are for my life.

I feel like I have so many plans for when I get out of college in December and I've been planning everything in my head and not praying about it. Maybe you have things in your life that you rushed into and chose out of your own will. Maybe take some time today and ask God for direction and to show you what His will is for your life. It's so easy to get taken in by the wants and needs of this world. It's so easy to give into waiting for things and just rushing into things we want. Waiting and praying are essential parts to growing closer to God. When we wait we are showing God that we trust in Him and are willing to put things on hold while He works in our lives.

Often it seems like God is putting us on hold but He's just trying to take care of us. Often we think waiting periods are time to get anxious and wait for God, but in reality, it is our time to draw closer to Him and use that waiting period for a time of growth and learning. How many times I've looked at waiting periods that I thought were worthless and I rushed through them, when I could have been using that time to grow closer to God and touch others.

Take time today to pray to God and ask Him to direct your life. Wait for things that seem impossible. God will work things out in His timing when they need to occur.


  1. Yes, yes, yes. Patience is a hard lesson, for sure. And one I am definitely learning/struggling with. Thanks for this, Britt!


    1. Thanks Sarah for your comment! : ) Yeah patience is such a hard virtue to obtain!