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I've been looking for some ways to get some income while taking college classes. I've had a lot of expenses to pay for and I've been hoping to find a way to get some money. So I thought I would announce if anyone would like a blog design (or anything designed) please just let me know. I would be totally interested!

I love to design and it would be awesome to get a little bit of money as well. I am charging $20 for a complete blog design currently, but if you have something small or would like something other than a blog design I can totally change the price. It's pretty flexible!

Please feel free to contact me here with any questions or requests for any designs! I would love to do something for you!

Thanks so much.


  1. I might have to take you up on this offer sometime. :] I've been thinking of having my blog design updated and love the simplicity of what you do. I can't promise anything (as my funds are a little limited as well. . . *cough*) but I'm hoping to get back to you!


    1. Awesome! Totally understandable, thanks for keeping me in mind!