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If Only

Often we get caught up in the worldy things of this life. We focus on our successes and failures. We focus on how many friends we have. We allow others views of ourselves to determine our self worth.
We rank ourselves with the wealth we have compared to others.

How many times I focus on the menial things of this world and take my eyes off why I'm really here. Sometimes I feel like I go through every day with trying to impress others and feel approval of others acceptance. It's hard to focus on our worth by how God views us and remember that when others may not seem to accept us for who we are, God does.

I know I often begin to have "if only" thoughts in my life and begin to question:
- If only I fit in
- If only I wore the right clothes
- If only I was prettier
- If only I had a boyfriend
- If only I was successful in my career
- If only I had more friends
- If only I had the latest phone

The list could go on...but these "if only" questions are all just pointless questions thrown out into the void of space because those "if onlys" are whims that I am wishing for. Why think of things that could be when God has put us where we are right now with things to enjoy and make the most of. I feel like if I'm constantly pondering over what could be I will never be able to enjoy what is happening right now. Wishing and hoping for the future will not lead me too well into the future when I'm not doing anything in the present to help me move on. God wants us to be working and make the most of the present.

It's nice to know that when we think we need those "if only" things to be happy and content, God shows us that He has provided us with enough to be happy in the present. And when we feel like we have less, it gives us an opportunity to rely on God more.

And while I'm not sure of what my future holds I know that God is always able to do the things in which I thought were impossible. The timing may not be what I wanted, but when the time is right I know that God will open up doors for whatever it is to occur. Until then I am relying on Him and being thankful for all that He has given me right now.

So replace those "if only" questions and instead let God be your one and only. He is the source to all our pleads and praising. Stop wondering what could be and start living a life that will be worthwhile when you look back over your life.


  1. Awesome post, Britt! I have muttered many "If only's" in my life. It doesn't help anything to dwell on what could be. We should be focusing on what we DO have and thanking God for it. Wonderful insight. :)

    1. Thanks Jessica!! Yeah, exactly!! thanks for your comment!