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Looking Back

Looking at your schedule and wondering how you'll get it all done? Wondering where God is in the midst of how you are feeling and experiencing? Trying to find patience in waiting for an end to the stress?

We all go through stages of our lives that we feel are so difficult and impossible. We wonder why certain things are occurring and the reasoning behind them. Sometimes the only thing that gets us through is hope for the future. Hope is the one thing that has brought me through so many dark nights, but most importantly God gave me hope and He is my hope in every trial I go through.

Sometimes it seems like God is far from our struggles and it seems like we are in it alone, but He's right there with a plan for everything. It's weird looking at my life and seeing that it is totally not what I expected it would be when I was looking to the future as a teenager. To be honest I never really did much thinking about my life as a college student though.

But through all the things that happened I can say I wouldn't change anything- I really wouldn't! Each hard trial, each bump in the road, every good day, every friend I made, every death I faced, all the things that happened inspired and touched my life in such a way that it changed me and made me who I am today. Without trials, good times, laughing, crying and the relationships I have had I would not be the person I am today without them. Yeah, things are hard that we face and we think they are ruining us, but in fact, they are really testing our character and creating our character. There's always something we can take out of each day and every circumstance.

Looking back to highschool, I always used to think that when I would be old and a mature adult in my 20's - how that view has changed. I thought my life would be all put-together and I would be successful, that is so not true of my life right now..haha. I also thought that I would have been in a relationship by now too, but God had different plans. Sometimes it's hard to accept that I'm still waiting for the right guy, but God's got it all planned out. I don't want to rush into things just because time is ticking- I want to wait for the right guy. And to be honest, living for 21 years and not being in a relationship has shown me that the only guy I ever "needed" to make me feel happy or complete was God. Even if I never get married I know that it was all God's planning and He had a special reason for it. Right now in my life I've accepted that I'm still single, and I'm okay with that- I am content with where I am.

It's neat looking back on our lives and seeing all that God did and all that we've gone through. Some memories bring back tears, while others leave us in awe of the ways God worked. Sometimes I forget all the ways God provided for me and my family and it is such a good reminder that He will continue to provide in the future. We are not in this alone- when we go to Him in prayer we will find His comfort and He will help us in His perfect timing.

Take some time to reflect on the past in your life- look at all that God has done in your life. Sometimes we may not see the ways He works things out until years later or maybe not till we reach heaven, but He is working. Know that whatever you're experiencing now is not for nothing, He's using it for something amazing and when you look back you'll see it all made sense!

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