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Feeling Tired of Life's Expectations

Have you ever had a bad day where nothing really went that bad but you just felt upset with your life? Things have been adding up and you feel like you just are tired? Tired of the pressure. Tired of the expectations. Tired of hearing negativity. Tired of being picked on. Tired of feeling like a failure. Tired of being compared. Tired of not fitting in. And it's not just one thing that made your day bad but just a whole bunch of little things adding up. Things adding up so much over time that you just feel like you are going to burst.

Sometimes the little things can really impact us and change our whole perspective. One small remark can change you and make your walls come tumbling down. It's weird how one tiny negative thing can ruin our whole self esteem and leave us questioning our importance.

Today started out as being a good day, but quickly escalated into a downhill road. I can't really pinpoint the negatives of the day, but just negative things over the past few weeks have been adding up and it just hit me today. I felt like giving up. I felt like throwing everything up in the air and saying "that's it, I'm done." I was so tired of working so hard and not getting anywhere. Working my best and nobody caring how much effort I put into anything. Tired of feeling untalented. Tired of being compared to people who seem more successful. Tired of meeting all the perfect expectations. It's just been getting to me and today's the day I broke down.

We all have times we feel like giving up. Times that we feel lower than we've ever felt before. Times when we feel like we won't ever get back up again. Times when there seems to be no light peeking through the darkness. This world is a dark place, but when we let God in we will find the light. God is the reason we have joy and hope. Today when I felt like I had no purpose for continuing and I felt like just quitting I called out to God. He's the reason I get back up again. He's the reason why I choose to persevere. He's the reason we all can have hope for the future. Because we can rest assured that no matter what we are going through He's got it in His hands and He'll be a fair judge when we reach heaven for all the mistreatment. Nothing will be overlooked.

Even when we feel like we can't take another day and the easiest thing to do is quit and go home, we can't let Satan win. We can't let the doubts He fills us with let us quit. We have a reason to keep going. Look at how far you've come. Look where you can go and know that God will continue to lead you.

When we can't take another day- it's a sign that we have been relying on our strength and not God's. We've used up all of ours and it's a reminder that we needed God's all along. He's there to help uphold us and lead us. We aren't in this alone. Don't give up on your life. Don't let the doubts overtake your hopes. Don't try to lead a perfect life, just try your best and be real. When the world seems to throw too many expectations at you look to God and rely on Him to overcome all the pressures you are facing. When we look to Him and seek His will suddenly our perspectives change and we can see what really matters. Often the things we worry most about are the things that are only temporary. Look to God with your life and ask for His strength each day. He will help us through each day when we rely on Him. His strength can help us overcome even the tallest mountains.


  1. Hi Britt - you will remember me as cootiebug connie. I ended my blog when it was hacked / hijacked. Just now starting up a new one. I visited your blog earlier. It's nice to connect again and I hope you are well.

    1. Hey Connie, thanks for dropping by! so sorry to hear about your blog being hacked into! Hope you are doing well!

  2. I definitely have my down days so thank you for writing this post. Your blog is so uplifting. Personally I am not a Christian but looking to God sounds like something that gives you peace, something to help you through your day, and that's beautiful.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Thanks M for your comment! :) Even though you may not believe in God I hope that what I say could encourage you still! Yes, God does give me a peace and love that helps me keep going and strengthens me when I feel worn. :) Thanks for commenting.

  3. THANK YOU! I had one of those days yesterday, and this is exactly what I needed to hear. I've been taking my life into my own hands--and I need to let go. Thank you!