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All Along

Life has been pretty crazy lately. Sorry for my lack of participation on my blog recently. I've wanted to write but just haven't had the time. These past weeks have been so terribly stressful and overwhelming. I barely have time to eat dinner without working on homework. It's really depressing actually.

Today while I was getting out of my car to head into walmart I was looking for the list I made of all the things for various projects and groceries I needed. It was an important list and somehow I seemed to misplace it in deep dark hole of all my papers in my bookbag. I was searching and I just couldn't seem to remember where I put it. After looking for about 10 minutes awkwardly in the parking lot I suddenly remembered that I had put it in my wallet (which was with me all along) and I didn't even need to open up my bookbag to search for it.

Yeah, this is kinda a weird story to share and is quite unrelated but after this happened I felt God telling me that there was more to this situation than just something that had taken up more time in my day. To some it might be a hindrance, but God taught me something through it. You may take nothing from this story but I'll share what I learned through it.

Often in life we all go through each day and make up lists of things we have to do. Things we have to get done. We get so caught up in what we have to do we get confused and we panic. We become too focused on the tasks we have and we begin to rush through things. When things start to go wrong we look in the wrong places. We search for contentment in worldly things. We try to do things that make us happy to fill our voids. This can be related to me searching frantically in my bookbag for the list. My main mission was to find the list and I didn't stop and think, I just wanted to rush and find it. If I took the time to think I probably would have spent less time looking.

We all look to the wrong things in this life when things start to go wrong. We seek others advice. We go to things that make us happy. We listen to music. We do something fun and enjoyable. While these things are not wrong at all, we often are looking in the wrong places to fill the emptiness and hurt within us.

When I remembered where I put my list I suddenly said in my head "it was with you all along." This line made me think of God. How often we feel alone and worried. We feel boggled down with the weights of this world. And while we are searching and searching we are just looking in the wrong places. God was with us all along- we just have to stop and think. We should have gone to Him first and prayed. How often I don't do that and it's something that I need to work on.

This world fills us with so many thoughts and it confuses us with what actually matters. It makes us think that the people and things of this world will make us happy and content. That may be true for a few minutes, but quickly we become empty again and we want more. Only God can satisfy our hearts and desires. So if you are searching and you can't seem to find peace, hope, strength, love, courage...whatever you are searching for- just go to God. He's been there all along, you may have just been too busy to see!


  1. I love this! I can totally relate with the homework thing. Thanks for sharing :)


    P.S. I adore your new Pinterest profile picture!!

    1. Oh thanks Sarah!! :) you are so sweet!