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Seeking God With Your Future

As the summer is already coming down to a close I feel saddened that it is already over. Time to head back to college in a few days and face the next stage of life. As I look back over the summer I see that things didn't go as I had planned. It wasn't what I thought it would be. But even though I didn't do all the things I was hoping to do, God taught me so much more and brought so many more experiences my way. He brought people that touched my life and showed me what true friendship really is. He taught me to rely more on Him and seek Him with the things I'm worried about. This past summer brought many heartaches, changes and trials which seemed to be constant- but God worked out all things for good. He was constant and He remained my strength even when I felt like everything was a dead end. Just when things looked like they would be impossible, God proved He could do the impossible!

Now as I look toward the future God has in store for me this coming fall as I plan my last semester at college I look ahead with hope, but also with fear of all that I know lies ahead with my classes, teachers, critiques and having my own apartment. I know some big steps lie ahead of me with these upcoming months, but as always, I know that God will be with me. He will help me through and allow me to conquer my fears and do what seems impossible. Even though there will be hard nights, God will be with me to face them and overcome the hurt and pain.

Maybe God has some big plans in store for your life that are causing you fear and anxiety? 
Maybe you feel like nothing will ease your pain? 
Maybe God seems distant from where you are? 
Maybe you wonder what God will do with your life? 
Maybe you are longing for the closeness with God that you once felt, but you can't seem to find Him where you are now?

Often the doubts fill our minds so much that we don't leave any room to trust in God. Doubts seem to contradict our faith in God and let Satan enter in. Faith restores our worries and puts God in control of the things we can't see. Faith is more than something we ask or pray for. It's more than a wish- it is something that God uses to work and do awesome things beyond our control. This world causes so much pain and hurt that leaves us feeling afraid and a loss of hope for the future, but God reminds us of His love for us and gives us strength to carry through. We don't have to have it together to live for God. We don't have to appear perfect, God just wants us to be real.

We all have a future that God is planning for us. We all are uncertain of where our life will take us, but when we rely on God and ask Him for guidance and to lead us where He wants us we know that it will be worth it. God never leads us somewhere we shouldn't be. He never does anything out of spite or to harm us. He does it with our best in mind. He has meaning and purpose. Through every trial, bad day, long night or struggle we know that God is teaching us and growing us- it is up to us to us with how we react and use the things we experience in this life to grow us in God.

Through every storm God is calling out to us, and when things seem dark and lonely, when we wonder where God is through the wind and high seas, we know that God is right beside us. Even though the fog and clouds may be thick and dark- He's still there even though we can't see Him. He's always been there waiting for you. He's always taking care of you and will never stop loving you. He's the one who's always been there when everybody else has abandoned you. He's the one who has stuck by your side when it seems like everyone has stopped talking to you. He's the one who cared enough to listen to your heart on the lonely nights when nobody else cared to listen. He's the one who sat beside you when everyone else had friends surrounding them.  He's the one who showed you love when all you felt was rejection.

God will lead you through the road that lies ahead. He will give you hope. He is already waiting for you down the road and will protect you. Put your faith in God and remember that God is using these things you are facing to draw you closer to Him. God can do amazing things when we learn to put our faith in Him and trust Him with our lives.

Psalm 10:17-18
You hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; 
You encourage them, and You listen to their cry.
Defending the fatherless and the oppressed, 
in order that man, who is of the earth,
may terrify no more.

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