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When You're Running Low on Fuel

Today while I was driving in my car I looked at my gas tank. I noticed it was getting quite low and I didn't have much gas left before it ran out. I was thinking how much our lives are compared to cars and gas tanks. I know it sounds silly, but it's kinda funny how we can relate the two.

Cars need gas to fuel them.
We need God's Word to fuel us. We need love to fuel us.
Cars need someone to drive them and direct them. 
We need God to direct our lives. We need Him to lead us down the right path.
Cars need their gas tanks refilled
We need to be "refilled" each day and go to God in prayer and spending time with Him.
Cars can't see what lies ahead, all they know is the road right in front of them. 
We don't always see the road ahead, but we only see where we are right now on the road God has us on.

When I'm driving my car I often feel like my life is my car and the road is my life's journey. I can look back at where I started, see how far I've come, see how God has directed me and hope for the best in the future. I know God will continually lead me and direct me of where I'm supposed to be. Sometimes my fuel runs low and life gets hard, but God will fill me up just before I run out.

Often it's hard to see beyond the next hill or turn, but God has got everything planned out. He sees the end destination. He knows that what lies between our starting location and end destination will draw us closer to Him and will fulfill His purpose if we rely and follow Him along the way. It's hard when we have to do it on our own, but with God we never have to do anything alone. He will help us through and give us the strength. You aren't in this alone!

Ask God to direct you. Ask Him to fill you up. Ask Him to help you through the upcoming road. He will be with you. He will never leave you. With God we can overcome what we thought was impossible!


  1. This was such a beautiful post. I'm 15 and live in London and sometimes feel like I'm low of 'fuel'. God's word isn't always the most prominent aspect of my life and I want to change that. Thanks for writing this blog xx

    1. Thanks Jessie for your comment, glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. Awesome post! Our relationship with God is very similar to the relationship of a driver and car. The car is nothing without a driver, as we are nothing without God! :)

    1. Thanks Jessica! Glad you enjoyed the post :)

  3. Very much enjoyed reading this post! Awesome analogy!

  4. so true, Britt. I'm off to put fuel in my tank! :)