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Passing Through Life's Seasons

Waiting. Waiting for this stage to pass
Waiting for it to be over at last
Looking forward to the future that lies ahead
But being outweighed by the present leaves me full of dread
Just when I was growing attached things had to change
How come once things start working out does everything have to get rearranged

God has called us all to things we don't like. Stages of life that we wish we could hit the "fast forward button" to get through. If we rush through stages of our lives we will miss out on the opportunities that God has given us in the here and now. Right now in my own life I can see the near future and all I see is darkness and pain, but looking farther ahead I see hope and freedom. Often times I look forward to something so much and try to rush through a stage of life just to realize that I'm not content no matter where I am and I wasted that stage of life trying to rush through when I could have been using it more wisely. You can never get that time back again!

It's hard to learn to be happy where God has placed us and find the good in our situations. It's hard to look up to God and say "I know you are doing this for good and I'm going to be happy in the heartaches." But through every hard time I've gone through I can look back and see that it has made me stronger. And what I once thought seemed important really isn't in the long run. It's weird how some time and distance makes all the difference.

So through each season and stage of your life know that God is preparing you and strengthening you. Don't get worried when things are out of your comfort zone and seem scary- God is trying to draw you closer to Him than ever before. React in such a way that He will use your life to use the situations to increase your faith and relationship with Him.

There may be long nights that lie ahead. Days filled with tears and times you wished you quit long ago, but don't let a few days get you down. Remember you have a purpose. Remember you are chosen and loved by God. Remember you can do all things with God by your side. Remember all things will be made right one day! Remember your life is impacting more than you know.

Trust God with the seasons of life that lie ahead for you. Trust Him like Mary and Joseph did when they were trying to find a place to stay. Have faith like Noah when He was building the ark. Have confidence in God like Moses did when He crossed the red sea. Be willing to give everything you have to God like Abraham gave his son Isaac. Take the hard step and give God your life and submit to His will. He will get you through the daunting stage that lies ahead of you. It may seem like a difficult choice now, but when you look back you'll see it was all worth it!

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