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Not Measuring Up to the Expectations

Often in life others compare us and rank us according to our abilities, talents, personality and appearance. Many times it really influences how we view ourselves- it influences how confident we are and how we live. Many times one comment can ruin all the positives you know about yourself. Just when you are beginning to feel accepting of yourself and your abilities someone has to come along and crush everything.

It's hard when others seem to dampen our light. Others don't know that the words they say really hurt. Others don't know that when they compare ourselves to others it makes us feel inferior and insignificant. In fact, we shouldn't compare people to one another because we all were created individually by God to be different. He doesn't want us the same!

God has been speaking to me about people who seem to have it all together and have a perfect career and life. I don't have many visible talents like most people, but I know God is using my life for a purpose. It may not be a noticeable purpose like everyone else's but I hope I'm accomplishing God's plan for my life in a greater way than I see.

Others may be doing great things that you feel are more fulfilling than the life you are leading, but know that if you are trusting in God and asking Him to lead you and use you, well then you are just as successful. You don't need a large income. You don't need to have your own office. You don't need to have a degree. You don't need to have the perfect grades. God's working in you right where you are. You don't have to be perfect to be used by Him. Often God uses the most humble and lowly people to do miraculous things. I hope that even though my life right now seems so inferior to others and I don't have everything together, I can still do something great with my life right where I am.

Some lyrics to leave you with that inspired me today....

Spent today in a conversation
In the mirror face to face with
somebody less than perfect
I wouldn't choose me first if
I was looking for a champion
In fact I'd understand if
You picked everyone before me
But that's just not my story
True to who You are
You saw my heart
and made
Something out of nothing

I don't need my name in lights
I'm famous in my Father's eyes
Make no mistake
He knows my name
I'm not living for applause
I'm already so adored
It's all His stage
He knows my name

-He Knows My Name by Francesca Battistelli

Just because others make you feel like you aren't qualified or good enough- know that God things you are special, amazing and just how He wanted you to be. He gave you talents like nobody else. We don't need to be famous to be successful. God knows us by name and He knows us better than anybody else. When others mistake our choices and actions, God sees our true intentions. We shouldn't be living to please others, meet all the expectations others force on us or seek approval from others- only God! We aren't here to fit in with the world, but to use our life to show others the same love God has for us. If we don't fit in or feel like we belong, that's good, it shows you are doing something right! God knows you inside and out and when others overlook you, know that God sees your heart and that's all that truly matters.


  1. You and what you do is truly amazing, and your timing is always perfect! You are very inspiring, and you always remind your readers that we are never alone. I've been experiencing a lot of downfall as my grades started to drastically drop without any obvious reason, and this post is the angel in my nightmare. Your blog should be read by every single human being, no matter what challenges they are struggling with. Just know that I, together with so many other people, think there is no one like you; you are very special. You are very wonderful. Thank you for this, Britt!


    1. Andrea, thanks so much for your comment. It really touched my heart and encouraged me. Thanks so much for commenting!!!