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Stealing My Focus

So many thoughts on my mind.
Stealing my attention away fromYou
Casting my gaze on my wants and needs
Forgetting to seek Your plan
Worries and thoughts taking your place
Guide me back to You and reset my focus

Lately I have been focusing on my life, my future, my emotions and career. I feel like so many things have been overtaking God in my life recently. I keep trying to shove them out of my mind and remain focused on God, but they continue to distract me.

The things of this world are so deceiving. They draw us in. They steal our happiness. They make us feel content. They make us long for more. Just when we think we are content, we have the sudden urge for more.

God has really been testing me recently. I've always been someone who likes to have things planned out, and recently things have just been a jumbled mess within me. I feel like my heart is dragging me one way and my head is trying to pull me the other. It seems like I'm fighting against myself- trying to keep focused on God and leave my emotions, worries and thoughts behind me.

It's so hard to trust in God when this world throws so many things at you. It's hard to remain confident in yourself when so many people remind you of the mistakes you've made. It's so hard to see yourself as God does when all you see are your flaws and imperfections. It's hard to look at your life and see all the things that broke your heart as pieces that God was using to perfect you. It's hard to look at your future and have hope when all you see is a crooked road with obstacles to face. It's hard to love yourself when all you've been given in the past is rejection.

No matter what your past, future or present looks like God is using it to grow you and teach you something. Through the hardest of times He is using it to draw you even closer to Him. Look at your trials and future through God's perspective and know that the things you are facing will soon fade away, but what you've done for God will last for eternity. God sees every heartache and worry and He is there to tell us "it's going to be okay, keep holding on- I'm here for you."


  1. <3 this


  2. This post is right where I am. It is sooo hard sometimes to stand up and keep going. And you absolutely right about feeling, well, feeling like a failure at life.
    How blessed we are to have the attention and love of God. On those terrible, no good, rotten days He is right there with us.
    Thank you for your encouragement. God bless you as you keep strong for His glory.