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Guiding Light {poem}

The sky has gotten darker and things are unclear
Lord, I'm in need of you, please draw near
So many worries on my mind tonight
Please come and make them right
I don't know what You are expecting of me
It seems like You are quiet to all of my desperate pleas
why are You leading me down this road?
I don't know where You want me to go?
Help me to know which way is right
Lead me and be my guiding light
It seems like all hope for the future is gone
I feel like this time I don't have the strength to carry on
Just when life seems to be settling down,
You throw something else at me that casts me back to the ground
Lord, I don't know what you are doing with my life
I don't understand the meaning for all the stress and strife
To me these struggles aren't worth all the pain they are causing me
But You know so much more than I can see
You see the purpose of every stage and every trial
And through it all You are my one reason to smile
We've been everywhere together
Through sunshine or bad weather
And through it all I've never been alone
And never once been left on my own
You know my worries right now
And I know that when I have faith you will work it out in the end somehow
I'm waiting on You Lord because right now I don't know which way is best
Help me remain strong and help me overcome and grow stronger through this test