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Feeling Homesick

Sometimes I get homesick and feel lost in this world. I have a home here, but I know I don't belong. Often I wonder if I belong anywhere in this crazy world and if I'll ever find my place. Others often times seem to find a place where they fit in, but I have to remind myself that this is not my home.

Lately life has become so hard. People have been cruel. Life has seemed unfair and sometimes I just get homesick. I wonder when God will come back and things will be set right. All the snippy remarks. All the unfair treatment. All the neglect. All the hurt. All of it will one day be gone. No more worries, no more rejection, no more hurt.

It seems like more and more I have been getting less and less patient waiting for God to come back. Some days I just can't take the stress and people of this world. Often times I wonder if there's really anyone who actually cares or even accepts me just for who I am.

The way people treat me often takes up a lot of how I view myself. If someone rejects me or ignores me often I feel unqualified and my self-esteem gets lowered. Sometimes it may even be the smallest little things that add up and escalate in my mind.

God tells us that other's thoughts of us shouldn't defy who we are and we aren't defined by their judements. How other people judge us is between them and God. If we are doing what is right, we shouldn't care how other people view us. When they treat us wrongly, it often can be a result of something else going on in their life and is accidentally focused towards us. We may not be the problem, but they don't know how to control what they are feeling.

I have to remind myself that people who are often cruel and stuck up have insecurities too and are not perfect. I often feel inferior to those who look like they have it all together, but we all have issues and struggles we face. Nobody is perfect and we all are in need of a Savior. I just wish we all could be honest and real with each other and not fake up our lives. I feel like we could help each other out so much more if we where honest.

Hebrews 14:13-16
For this world is not our home; we are looking forward to our city in heaven, which is yet to come.  With Jesus' help, let us continually offer our sacrifice of praise to God by proclaiming the glory of his name. Don't forget to do good and to share what you have with those in need, for such sacrifices are very pleasing to God.


  1. Hey Britt, I have been reading your post for quiet a while. I'm praying God will give you the grace you need in your life right now.
    Recently I came across an amazing devo book called "Discovering your Destiny" by Cary Schmidt. You should look into reading it sometime. I think you would really enjoy it.
    Hope your having a wonderful day!

    1. Hope, thanks so much for your comment! I will definitely check out the book you mentioned!! Thanks for letting me know :) Thanks for your prayers!