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Your Effort is Not Overlooked

Sometimes this life makes me want to quit. It makes me tired and upset. Just when I feel like I'm getting somewhere, another pitfall comes and throws me back down again. Just when I become a little confident in my work I feel the disgrace of a negative comment or remark.

Something I have been having a whole lot of heartache about recently is unfair treatment. Lately life has seemed so unfair and it seems like everyone is getting away with so much while I have to suffer the consequences, even when I feel like I'm putting in more effort than everyone else. It frustrates me when others take the smallest little problems and enlarge them bigger than life, while all my major problems seem to go unnoticed by everyone else.

A quote that has inspired me and helped me recently is "The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about." This quote reminds me of God's involvement in our life. Even when nobody else sees the effort and hard work you are putting in every day, God does. Even when you are trying harder than anyone else you know, but you still end up getting criticized and corrected- know that God is teaching you through it. Teaching is something done out of love. Without teaching we don't learn and can't succeed as well. It is through correction that we learn and can become better.

Often people seem to get away with their lack of effort or laziness, but God sees all that you are doing and doesn't overlook one small action. He sees everything from you doing chores to preparing for a huge exam. Nothing is overlooked by God. And even though people seem to be getting away with everything imaginable down here, know that when they reach heaven God will be a fair judge and not be lenient on those who are wimpy and get all the attention down here.

It's hard keeping the right attitude and showing compassion to those who make every insignificant thing a big deal and still get all the attention for it, especially when your problems are so much bigger and nobody seems to notice. Jesus was never someone who wanted to be in the spotlight or wanted attention. He was a servant and put others before Himself. He never brought attention to His worries and problems, but took care of others. What an example to live by!

So if life has got you feeling down and you feel like all your effort is being thrown out the window, know that it's all just getting transferred up to heaven. Heaven is waiting for you and all the blessings of this life will be there ready to be bestowed upon you. Don't lose hope or give up. Know that whatever you are going through has meaning and you are being taught something through it!


  1. What a lovely post! It's such an eye-opener. You truly are a blessing, and the world should be swarmed with people like you. Thank you for always reminding us that we're never alone! I do hope you feel much better! xx


    1. Aww...thanks so much Andrea- you are so kind!! Thanks for your kind words, they helped!!