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What Really Matters {poem}

The things that matter in life aren't usually the things we focus on much
Often the things that really matter aren't things we can see or touch
They are things that go unseen
They are the things that happen "behind the scenes"
It's not about how successful we appear
Or about how good we look in the mirror
It's not about how smart you are
Or if you are a huge celebrity or a famous star
What really matters is the love we show
It is our faith in God when we are feeling low

How often our view gets shifted
Our focus gets clouded and gets drifted
It's not about how good you feel about yourself
But it's about putting others before ourselves
It's not about getting the most recognition
Or having the most attention
It's about giving all the praise to God
Because He's the one who deserves the applause

Life is so much more than what we see
It is about being who God made us to be
We get so caught up in this world and we forget why we're here
And we forget that someday our lives on this earth will soon disappear
Do you think you'll leave an good impact after you die?
What do you think others will remember you by?
Will they remember you as the one who was humble and kind?
Or someone who was cruel, prideful and always whined?
Our lives impact so many people that we don't even see
So what will your impact be?

What you think is important in this life will someday disappear
Use your life to inspire others and do something that will last far beyond your years
Cause it's not about how others see you
It's about God's behind the scenes view
What really matters is our relationship with God
It is about showing others love even when they are broken and flawed
It's about putting others first
It's about loving others even when it hurts
Because, whatever we did with wrong motives or recognition in this life will soon disappear,
But what's been done for God will live on and things unnoticed will finally become clear.


  1. you are so talented Britt :)


  2. aww..thanks so much Jenna, but I can't take the credit- it's really God just working through me! :)

  3. Thank you for the poem! It makes me think about my life. Thank you!
    Heidi Anne<3 Love you so much!!!!

    1. Thanks so much Heidi! Glad you enjoyed it :)

  4. Gorgeous poem!! I needed it...you have great talent, and this was beautiful.
    Tane ♥

    1. Thanks so much Tane! :) aww...thanks so much!

  5. Lovely. I love it!

    <3 xx.