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A True Act of Love

These past few days have been different and have had ups and downs. We all go through ups and downs in our lives and often feel happy one minute, and down the next. It's hard to feel content for long in this life. We may feel loved, happy, successful and talented for a little, but then the happiness soon fades away and we are discouraged once again.

Lately I've been having trouble feeling accepted and loved. It seems like people always let you down and leave you feeling unqualified. You feel like you are easily replaced and not needed or wanted. I feel like most of the people I know have just shoved me out of their life and it hurts sometimes. One minute you feel important and loved, and then the next you feel like they could care less if you lived or even existed.

Today while I was feeling down, I remembered the love God has for all of us. I remembered that God loves us all even though He sees all our mistakes and imperfections. When we are broken and are in need of sustaining, God will still stay with us and be near to us. Sometimes I feel like He draws us closer when things are harder- unlike the people we often know in this world. From some of the past friends I've had, when things got hard and trying in my life my friends fled in an instant. Sometimes it seems like all people ever want is attention and to feel secure. They don't want a friendship or to care about you. They just want something out of you.

It hurts feeling used by someone and not feeling worthy of love. It hurts when someone only wants what you can give them, and doesn't care if they give anything in return. It seems like recently in my life I've tried to give more of myself, and I feel like I've got nothing back but silence. It hurts even though I know it shouldn't matter if I get anything back. But sometimes so much silence and lack of love gets to you. You feel like there's no reason to give anymore or even try to do what is right.

But you know what? God sees all that you are doing. It's not going unnoticed. And when you feel like you aren't getting anything in return, God knows how you feel. He has showed so much love to so many people and they just shove that love back in His face and outright reject Him. I know that's gotta hurt! God understands our pain and sees all that we are doing with good intentions. And no matter how many people reject us, avoid us and let us down God will always love us more than anyone else and He will always be there for us no matter what happens. He will never let us down or  forget us. Often it may seem like He's not there or He doesn't love us, but often Satan tries to use feelings to get to our hearts to make us doubt. Don't lose your faith and trust in God. He's got reasoning for what you're going through.

His act of love on Easter shows just how much He loved you. He sent His only Son to this earth so that He could show us all just how much love He has for us. It was a way that we could see just a glimpse of the love He has for us and the willingness He had to take His life and suffer so much just for us. Nobody else has ever suffered as much for us and will never do more for us than He did. If you feel unloved today and wonder if anyone cares for you, know that God loves you today. He sees your heart, your mistakes, your past, your future, and He still loves you more than anyone. And even when things seem the darkest, it gets better. Jesus died and was put in the tomb, but on the third day He rose again and lives today! If you feel like your life is at a standstill and seems so dark, know that God is working still and you will rise up from the valley and see the sun once again!

Keep doing what is right and don't lose hope. Someone loves you more than you will ever know and He sees all that you are doing!


  1. Sometimes, I wonder if we humans even have the right to feel rejected, because we ourselves reject the one who loves us the most. I've been feeling down too, because my past has been haunting me recently, and I think it makes me less lovable, but thank you for opening my eyes. The last paragraph made me tear up. You are so inspiring, please keep doing what you're doing, and I do hope you feel better. You are loved by Him, and every single reader you have helped with ever post. xx


    1. Andrea, thanks so much for your comment! Yeah, I agree-our rejection compared to God's is nothing! Aww...thanks for commenting and reading! :) I hope things start looking up for you soon too!

  2. I've been struggling with similar feelings, so this post touched home for me. This is a great perspective and we just have to be the best people we can be and trust that God will provide true friends. In the meantime, He is more than enough, and should always be. That might be hard for us to reconcile with when our emotions say otherwise, but that's the wat it goes :)