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Spring Photos

The weather has been beautiful here lately so I thought I'd go out and take some photos of the blooming trees and such around campus. Hope you enjoy them!


  1. So happy spring is finally here. The last few days have been warm and sunny, with a bit of a breeze, and then light showers. The tulips in our front yard are starting to blossom too. <3
    Lovely, lovely pictures, Britt!

  2. Oh wow! BEAUTIFUL photos...I love the promise spring brings with it. These are just gorgeous!

  3. I really love the dainty fully open pink flowers! They are so beautiful. We had a snow storm last night, so your photos are really encouraging (and pretty)!

  4. Beautiful photos, Britt! Especially the third and ninth ones... {happy sigh}
    I like your new profile photo, too - so pleasant and joyful looking! :)

  5. Thank you all for your comments! :) Glad you enjoyed the photos!!