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A Split in the Road

Have you ever felt nervous for the future? Scared for something that was quickly heading your way? A path that was hard to take, but you knew was what God wanted you to do? Have you ever took a step forward and didn't know where you were stepping?

It's hard to give God our life and leave it in His hands knowing we have lost control and He will do what He thinks is best. The past few months I have felt like I gave every detail of my life over to God and I was so afraid to take a leap of faith. I believe when we have no control is when we truly put the truest faith in God and believe that He will guide us. God has brought you to where you are right now for a reason. He is using your life to inspire others whether you know it or not.
If you are feeling afraid of the future right now and you are afraid to step out and make a scary choice I suggest you seek God and do what you feel He is leading you to do. Do what you feel you know is right. Usually the right choices are the hardest.

Sometimes we may make the right choice and the road ahead looks dark, scary and is rough. Maybe you've followed God all along and still wonder why God led you to where you are. Maybe you are questioning why God made something so clear to choose, but when you progressed you questioned God's reasoning. I have often doubted myself in the past choices I have made, I have tried my best to seek God and let Him guide me, and lots of the places He has led me have not made sense, sometimes they irritate me and make me question His reasoning. Even through all those question-filled experiences I know that they have helped shape and mold me into the person I am today. Even though they weren't choices I would have picked, I know that God's purpose is more important and He sees the whole map while I just see a rough path.

So if you are feeling worried for the future, not knowing where to turn, feeling at a loss of where God wants you, can I just say go to God. Pray to Him. Seek Him with your whole heart- tell Him your worries, pains and heartaches. Ask Him to lead you to where He wants you, to open up opportunities and shut doors. If God has led you to where you are, keep going and keep seeking- He is with you.

Proverbs 19:21
Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand. 


  1. Cool, I love this awesome post! it is so cute!
    Keep posting Love Grace xxxx-oooo

    1. Thanks Grace! :) glad you liked it!!

  2. Thanks so much for this! I really needed to hear it. :)

    1. Thanks Maria, glad you could use it!!!

  3. Encouraging as always, keep it up. Thanks so much, you made my day.