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Well Done

I hope you all had a great weekend. Thanks for taking a look at my blog today. I thought I would share a song that has really spoken to me recently. It has kept me going in the midst of heartache and hard times. It has a nice little catchy tune that helps me keep going and feel initiative for fighting the race.

Recently where God has placed me in my life I feel like I've been growing weary of doing good and what is right. I get tired of doing the right thing and keep preservering when things get intolerable. I have been getting tired of doing a good job and doing what is right when nobody else seems to be working as hard. It's so easy to just take the easy route and not work as hard and give into what this world shows us as okay. But God promises to bless us if we keep up the hard work even in the midst of trouble. It's hard to not give into the world's sinfulness and pleasures.

So many people I am around right now do not have the standards and morals I do. It is hard keeping those standards high when everyone else's are lower than my own. I truly do need God's help to keep my mouth and mind pure when all I seem to hear are curse words and God's name in vain.

God knows that some of our life struggles require more faith than other life struggles. He knows that when things get their darkest it requires so much faith and trust in Him. He sees the issues on your heart today. He knows your heart. He sees how you've been trying. Know that when things get hard and you feel like you can't go on one more step that God will be there with you to help you carry on.

God will help us to do what is right. He will help us face another day. He will give us the faith we need. He will give us hope. Oh, how I long for that day when I long to hear God say to me "Well done good and faithful servant, enter into heaven." Live out your life today as if you were going to see Him tonight and enter into heaven. Live a life that would be pleasing to God and that He would be proud of. Live a life "well done" and don't give in to the world's ways. Keep strong and live a life for God that would show what a true Christian should live like.

I cannot wait for the day that I can finally enter into heaven and see the God of the universe, my Creator, face to face and hear Him speak my name. Live like that day was today. Live a life pleasing to God. When things seem to get hard and overwhelming, look forward to that day when God will say your name and see you face to face. Live a life that God would be proud of. Be a person who God would be proud to say "That's my child!"

I hope you enjoy the song....


  1. This is one of my favorite songs! I always catch myself humming it or even singing it when I'm doing chores. Thank you for this post! :)



    1. Oh, awesome! That song would fit perfectly with doing chores...haha :) Thanks for your comment!!