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Two Sides of Me

Have you ever felt like you felt yourself torn apart. You wonder what side of you is actually truly you? A part of you that has never really made it out to the world but it's somewhere deep inside of you waiting to be exposed. Maybe a part of you has overtaken the true you and you can't seem to show the real you? Maybe you feel like over time your true self has been hidden by fear and you've grown to show a different side of you.

I have two sides to me: 
Part of me likes to be quiet and reserved while the other side wants to have fun and be crazy
Part of me wants to avoid conflict and let others have their way while the other side of me wants to get angry when others take advantage of me and stand up for my beliefs
Part of me wants to not trust people because I don't think they'll care but the other side wants to tell someone every fear, doubt and emotion in my heart
Part of me wants to be alone and unsocial while the other part of me wants to be social and popular
Part of me wants to hide who I am but the other part wants to just be the real me

Don't let one part of you overtake another. Be who you are and don't be ashamed of who God made you to be. Let the "controlling" part of you be set free so you can allow the real you to be shown! That part of you has always been there, so it's time to let it shine! Don't hide who you are just because you are afraid for others to see or reject you. God created you special and different for a reason- don't be afraid to show it!


  1. Ugh! This is me right now! I feel like my heart is torn in two, and I don't know which side to follow.

    1. Glad you could relate! :) Thanks for your comment!

  2. This is so true for me Britt! Thanks for this post. <3

  3. YES! Sometimes I have a hard time identifiying what IS me

    1. Thanks for your comment Betsy! :) Glad you could relate!