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Worth It {poem}

Looking up to You
Waiting in expectation that You will pull me through
I'm not sure what You expect from me?
Will I meet up to who You've called me to be?
Others seem to have the confidence in me
But why can't I seem to have that same confidence they have in me?
Lord, help me see myself through Your eyes
Let me see my true purpose and love myself despite the lies
Pink and purple flowers in field
Lord, keep us focused on You 
Help get us through
Lead us when we are searching for help
Remind us that we don't have to do everything by ourselves
We have You as our leader and our guide
And you will never fail us or leave our side
Help everyone out there today
Who has worries, fears or may be afraid
Let them know You have meaning for what they are going through
And You use their struggles to draw them closer to You.
Don't let us ever forget our eternal purpose
And that through Your eyes we are always, ALWAYS worth it.