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Troubles and Worries

These past few days have been so chaotic and different than any I've ever experienced before it truly has been a trying time getting used to a "real" college life. Classes haven't started yet, but I know when they do that things will get even more crazy and terrifying.
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Last night when my family left me here I wondered how I would survive since everyone was a stranger here. After spending time reading my Bible and praying God truly helped and intervened. The peace didn't last for long, I have to admit, but I knew He was here with me despite the loneliness.

Friendships have always been something I've had difficulties with. I think I've grown to become accustomed to being alone and it doesn't seem to bother me as much, but I still would like to have that one friend to have with me and talk to, especially right now. I know I have many friends online and family back home, but it'd be nice to have one here with me. Today while heading over to eat- alone- and while I was walking I kept reminding myself that I was not alone and God was walking right beside me and would be with me in the days to come. My best friend is God, and I hope it will always stay that way.

So, enough about my life, let's talk about yours....maybe you are going through some difficult times with changes in your life and you wonder where God is. Maybe what you are going through involves so much faith and trust that you feel like you just want to give up? maybe the future ahead looks so daunting you'd rather die than go through it? Maybe you feel like no matter what anyone says you still feel afraid and no words will help you. My words truly may not help, but a prayer to God asking for help for the future and current circumstances will never go to waste. God has you in the place you are in right now for a very special purpose and He will help you get through the difficult times you may be in. Don't give up yet, keep the fight and don't lose hope!! Take one day at a time and it won't seem quite so daunting. One thing I try to remember is this one question - "Will this seem important when I reach heaven?" was it worth the worry and fear? I have to constantly remember that what I do for God will count, not the wasted time over worries and anxious thoughts. Another thing I try to remember is that we are always one day closer to God returning even if today is not that day.

Let me know if there is anything I can be praying for you for. I'd truly appreciate your prayers for these rough upcoming weeks of college away from home!! Thanks for reading and hope y'all have a great day!

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