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Weekly Character Challenge {week 29}

I know I haven't done a Weekly Character Challenge for so long now! I'm sorry I haven't been doing them each week. Anyways, in my devotional book I have been going through a chapter of "fasting." So I thought for this week the challenge would be to pick one thing in your daily routine that you have become too involved in or often takes away your time with God. You can pick the time limit that you would like - a few hours to maybe a few days. Whatever you feel like you would like to do. Also, make sure you don't just fast from that object or activity- that is good...but also remember to take that extra time you have and use it for God or spend that time with Him. : )

I have decided for my object to fast from this week is is my laptop. I've decided to not go on it for 24 hours....I'm not sure which day it is going to be yet, but I am going to pick one day that I'm not going to get on my laptop-so if I don't get back to you soon that may be why : ) I have found that being on the computer has taken up some of my time with God- so I've decided that is the object I'm going to chose.

Well, that's the challenge for this week. I'd love to hear about what activity or object you will decide to "fast" on this week and also for the time period too. Feel free to let me know in the comments section if you'd like to share! : ) Thanks for visiting my blog!! Have an awesome Memorial day- thank you to all of the soldiers who have fought for our country's freedom. We wouldn't be here without them!!


  1. I will have to try that! I am always on my laptop. :) I adore your blog. Its so inspiring!
    Xox. Kayla

    1. Oh cool! :) thanks so much for your comment! :)