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Making Time For God

There are times in my life when there are so many thoughts going through my head and I just can't seem to stop them from whirling around. Sometimes I just need to ask God to help me forget all that is going on around me and just focus on Him and not the tasks and circumstances at hand.

Sometimes while I'm doing my devotions I cannot focus on what God is trying to teach me since other thoughts keep filtering back in to my mind. I could be missing something God is trying to show me, but I am more focused on earthly circumstances and events.

I think we all have trouble with keeping our focus on our eternal home and not on our earthly one. What we do down here will be of great impact for the future. How many times I've lost focus and I think of temporary things instead of ones that will last into eternity. It is hard staying focused and keeping a mindset for heaven. Something I try to remind myself of is that God could come back any day- I don't know how much longer I have here on this earth. Today might be the day He decides to take me to heaven....will I be proud of the life I lived? Will I wish I had done more for God?....I don't think I can ever be fully satisfied with my life since I will always find something that I wish I could have changed or done better- but I can use those mistakes and apply them to the present to make better choices.

We sometimes get caught up in this life and focus on things that don't matter. God wants to spend time with us and is always there for us. We just have to be willing to spend time with Him and stay focused to keep a strong and growing relationship with Him. It is hard to do at times, but all things that take determination and diligence are normally worth it! We all spend so much time doing other things all day long- things that have to get done, things that we enjoy....so much stuff- but sometimes we don't think we have time for God. We should always make time for God because when we do we are showing God that we are putting Him before our other needs and trusting Him that He will help us through the day.

Well, that's all for now.....thanks for dropping by! I hope you all have a great weekend!!

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