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Handling Changes

Sometimes I feel like there is so many changes going on in my life and I just can't take all of it at once. The hardest change for me to take is seeing those I once knew a few years ago now different people and not the same as when I once knew them. Sometimes I wonder if I should be changing more like them too- but God has a special plan for each of us to go through. We all have different changes to overcome and go through. Each change allows us to become the person God wants us to be and is making us into the person God will use down the road.

Have you felt some changes in your life that you feel are coming too quickly and you aren't ready? I don't think we are ever fully prepared for change (unless it is a good change). It is hard to have an optimistic view of the difficult changes we go through. When I feel a bit overwhelmed and upset about the changes in my life I just keep reminding myself that God wants me where I am and He will take me where He wants me to go in the future. I am where I am right now for a purpose.

What is even more reassuring is that we know God will never change. If we don't talk to Him for years at a time, He will still be the same loving God day after day. I just love that! I can rest assured that the God I talk to and spend time with here on earth will be the same holy and understanding God I will meet in heaven one day.

People change on us down here, they make bad choices and let us down, they leave us, they don't always care....but God does not in any way compare to them- He never ever changes, He never makes a mistake, He will never walk out on us, He will never stop listening to our needs. He will be with us ALWAYS no matter where we go or who we are with. He will help us through.

So if you feel upset with circumstances, people, changes in your life or your future- trust and know that God has a plan, purpose and meaning for all that you are going through and He will never leave you or allow anything to happen that was not meant to be.

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