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Admitting Who I Really Am & New Blog Design

Well- as you probably can see, I have my new blog design up!! I hope y'all like it. I put a poll up on the sidebar for you all to voice your thoughts. : ) I had a little bit of trouble seeing if the colors were too light since my family's desktop computer showed the design being too light, where on my laptop it looked fine, so let me know if the design is too light- I want my readers to be able to read and see everything okay!!

Sometimes when life gets hard - we find ourselves wanting to give up or leaning in towards things that won't last for eternity. It is hard to admit that we are sinful and none of us is perfect. We all experience temptations and need God's help to get back into a closer relationship with Him again. We all have struggles with spending time with God, keeping a clean mindset, doing what is right even when it is hard, not giving up, believing in God when things get tough, trusting in Him to provide.....so many things we are faced with that we all fail at, but sometimes we are afraid to admit it. So don't be upset with yourself for failing every once in a while- we all do! But we shouldn't make that an excuse for our sins either. We are responsible for the sins we commit and we have to be willing to take full responsibility for the things we do.

http://media-cache-is0.pinimg.com/736x/b3/33/ee/b333eedac46b38c62749c29fbf99a09c.jpgAnd just remember that when you have committed a sin don't forget to go to God and ask for forgiveness for it. Once we do, He will forgive us and set us back in the right direction- never to recall of it again. (ah, that is so nice to know). But sometimes the hardest part is forgiving ourselves and moving on.

I know so many times I just can't grasp that God has already forgiven me and moved on (like a LONG time ago) and I just can't get it through my brain that He isn't thinking about it, while I just can't seem to let go.

That just doesn't make sense- the God who created me and the whole universe (who is in control of everything and all powerful) has forgiven me and moved on- when I can't even get the thoughts out of my head, let alone forgive myself for them. It truly is a beautiful thing what God does for us. That truly shows us how caring and loving He is to us!

Well, anyways- the quote below that I found on Pinterest kind of inspired this post (since I have felt these same thoughts the past few days). So I thought I would post something based on the quote. I hope that if you are feeling this way (or have felt this way before) that you can apply to it and be encouraged by it!!

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