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Waiting To Be Repaired

Sometimes I feel like a damaged car in a race track- I need major help and I can't go on with a dented fender or flat tire. I am just longing for the turn in the road that leads to the pit stop to get all fixed up and renewed. Lately I have felt damaged and waiting for the moment to lead me to the pit stop to get renewed. And yesterday I found a song that was truly encouraging and applied to what I had been feeling. Sometimes it takes a song and a heartfelt prayer within all that is within you to get back to where you were. God placed some new tires on me and fixed my broken fenders and sent me off again. I feel refreshed and renewed and it feels good to know God is up there taking care of me.

http://media-cache-ec4.pinterest.com/736x/4f/86/ad/4f86adcb10083a81dda309495466f4de.jpgSo if you are feeling damaged and want to stop with everything that is within you- wait. Wait on the Lord. He will bring you to that turn in the road that will lead you back to Him and be renewed once again. Sometimes the wait is longer than we want and we don't know how much longer we can stand the waiting and pain, but God will lead you when it is time. God will never allow anything you can't handle! He gives His hardest problems to His biggest soldiers!! : )

So, here's the song that influenced me yesterday when I wasn't feeling close to God...hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Well, I hope you enjoyed it!! And by the way, it looks like I'm going to be putting up a new blog design (according to the poll results). I'm using the same color scheme- so those of you who like this design won't be disappointed! :) Thanks for dropping by!

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