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Weekly Character Challenge- Week 18

Okay, so it is time for another one of the Weekly Character Challenge posts.

This week at church my pastor was talking about how we should watch how we talk about others. I was very convicted because lots of times I say things about others that would probably hurt them if I said it to their face. There are certain people that sometimes I just cannot stand and I feel like no matter what they do I am irritated by them. I know that talking about others wrongly and being judgemental of them is wrong, but yet I continue to do it. This is something that I need to work on in my life.
This week I decided to have this as the challenge. So, this week REFRAIN FROM GOSSIPING OR TALKING WRONGLY ABOUT OTHERS. If someone starts gossiping about someone else try to not give in and gossip along with them, try to change the subject and refrain from it. I know this will be a difficult one for me this week, but I hope to not talk wrongly about others and continue it beyond this week. Normally I just tell how I feel to my close family, but that does not change the situation any.

Now, please understand that there are times to let others know how our day went and to get hurt feelings off our chest, but there are also times where we gossip and continue to talk wrongly about others when we don't need to and we want to do it to put them down and make ourselves look better. So, this week try to think posative thoughts of others and don't gossip or talk negatively about others as much.

I hope that you all are having a great start to your week!!! : )


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    1. Aww...thanks so much Emma!!!

    2. No problem! :) Oh, and congrats on almost 200 (wow, 200!!!) followers!!

    3. aww...thanks so much Emma!!! :)