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What I Fear

Something that I have experienced in my life a lot is fear. It is one of the most frequent feelings I have. Here is a list of just the few things I fear about.....

I fear that....
People won't like me for who I am
Being accepted
I won't be successful at what I do
I will say the wrong thing
I will make a mistake
I am not good enough for others
I won't know what to say and will act dumb
I will never have a boyfriend
Of speaking in large groups
Going away to college

Those are just a few that I fear. But even though there aren't a whole lot of things I fear- there is a great amount in each one of those!
We all have fears of something in our life. It is hard to overcome those fears and know that God is with us when we experience them.

But one way to overcome our fears is to....
1. Trust that God will be with us
2. Don't let others discourage you
3. Take a step in faith even though it is hard or may be scary
4. Try hard and be brave until the end
5. Overcome your fear!

An photo someone shared with me that was so encouraging and really showed me what level I am at is this image below. I hope that it shows you what level you are at in your life. And it will make you want to try harder.


Proverbs 29:25-
The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever leans on, trusts in, and puts his confidence in the Lord is safe and set on high.

I read that verse in my devotions the other night and thought that was so encouraging! :) 

Well, sorry this post was a little bit long, but I hope you were encouraged by it! Thanks for dropping by! :) 


  1. All of your posts are so encouraging, Britt- to me and to everyone else who reads your blog!

    I loved that picture that you included. It really helps! :)

  2. Aw Britt this was beautiful! Thanks so much! :)

  3. Britt, your blog title is so fitting. You are so encouraging and sweet and all that good stuff.=] The first picture is lovely, and the second one really made me think! Great post!<3


  4. Great post! We mustn't let our fears clobber our faith! (quote from Facing the Giants)

  5. Thanks Emma- thanks so much for those inspiring words!!! :) you are so kind!! I'm glad that you liked the photo!

    Sarah- thanks so much!!! I'm glad that you liked it!

    Brooke- thanks!! Thank you so much for leaving such an uplifting comment!

    Mandie- thanks so much! what a great quote!!!!

  6. I have a lot of those same struggles to, Britt.

  7. This is great, Britt. And this post is right on time... school just started!

  8. So encouraging, Britt and just what I needed to hear! A lot of my fears are coming against me right now and in the near future. Sometimes I don't feel that I have the strength to face them, but with God on my side, I can do all things! Thanks so much for posting this.

  9. Thanks Hadassah for your comment and sharing!! :)

    Grace- oh, I'm glad that you could apply to the post with school just starting up and all! :)

    Jess- thanks for your heartfelt comment- you are so right, it is hard to face things so many times in our lives, but knowing God is there helps get us through some of the hardest times. Thanks for commenting!