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Tonight As I Lie Here Awake {a poem I wrote}

This was a poem I had written a little while back when I was feeling some strong emotions....I thought you might enjoy it.


Tonight As I Lie Here Awake

As I am laying here in bed my heart is being pulled every which way
Dear Lord, catch hold of me and tell me everything is okay.
I hate so much anxiety in my heart
I feel dread, regret and uncertainty in every part.
I wish there was a way for it to all go away
Why do these feelings have to stay?
I know there is a reason for what I feel
And Lord, I know you have the wheel.
And when I am in doubt and feeling scared
I know that I can go to You because are the one who has always cared
You've listened when I speak my mind
And You have helped me through each and every hard time 
No matter what I know that when I am hurting inside
You will always be the One who will be by my side.
You put me at rest when my life around me is all askew
And help me feel better just by being able to talk with You
Please Lord, put my mind to rest tonight
Help give me the strength to not give up the fight.
Remind me that You are always watching over me
And that You will never let something happen that wasn't meant to be.
I love You Lord with all that is within me
And thank you Lord for being there to hear my every single plea.

Sorry that was kind of long, but I hope something I had to say could have encouraged you some.
Thanks for dropping by! :)


  1. Oh, thanks so much Ruby! I'm glad that you liked it!! That means a lot!!

  2. Lovely!!! Beautiful poem! And so true!

    [PS you know what is going through my head right now. I guess it's natural when I see some beautiful "lyrics" :) ]

  3. Aww...thanks so much Hannah- you are so sweet! Haha....yeah, infact I think I do know what is going on inside your head :) Awww....you are so sweet! Thanks for your comment Hannah!!

  4. Thanks Emma- I'm glad that you liked it!!

    Emma- thanks so much for your comment. I'm glad that you liked it!!