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A Different Answer To Prayer

Have you ever wanted God to answer a prayer one way and He chooses to answer it differently? It is hard to wait for Him to answer your prayer, and then when He does it is sometimes hard to accept His answer. We have our own set way that we want and when we don't get our answer- we become upset and wonder why He answered it differently. But God has a set plan and a special reason why He chose that way to answer your prayer. If we prayed for His will to be done then we can rest assured knowing that He is doing whatever is best and we should keep following His plan.

Sometimes it is hard to accept His answers to prayer and know that they are best. We may not yet see the reason why God chose a different answer to our prayer, but we can know that it is for the best and is way far better than the answer we had wanted. If you feel like God isn't answering any of your prayers, don't get discouraged....keep praying and seeking God. Those unexpected answers to prayer that we see just shows us that it isn't time for Him to answer our prayer the way we wanted or our will wasn't the best choice right now. God's timing is key and we should remember that God can see the whole picture, while we just see the zoomed in version.

Keep seeking God and praying for His will to be done through your circumstances and you will know that whatever the answers are to your prayers are for the best. Don't lose hope, even though it seems like God may not be answering you, He is- it just might be different than what you expected or not the right time for you to know!


  1. That's has happened so many times to me. About a year ago I prayed and asked God to answer this one prayer. I prayed daily the thing for a year practically. I thought at the time that God didn't hear me. No a few months ago, my prayer was finally ansered. God had told me to wait until he knew the best time was.

    ~Great post!
    And thank you for all of your sweet comments on my blog. :)

  2. Thanks Godsgirlz for your nice comment! that is a neat story- thanks for sharing it with me! :) It is neat to see the way God works!!
    Thanks for all your nice comments on mine as well!!

  3. Britt, you know for a fact that I prayed and prayed for God to save my Ben when he was sick in the hospital and for some reason, God chose not to save him for me here on earth, but to take him to Heaven. For several months I had some major anger with God and now finally, I am slowly forgiving him and speaking with him again.


  4. Kay, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm sure it is hard for you to understand why God took Ben, but I'm sure He had a very special reason why. It is sometimes hard to not get angry and upset because we miss someone we love. But I am so glad that you are beginning to forgive God and seek Him again!