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Finding Your "Best Friend"

This is a subject I have been unsure whether to post about and I have been kind of lenient on posting about it because I'm not real comfortable talking about it. But I feel like God was telling me to post about this recently so here it goes...

Sometimes I feel upset that I don't have a boyfriend or a manly figure in my life. I often wonder how every girl I seem to meet has a boyfriend or had a boyfriend before. All different girls seem to have a boyfriend and I sometimes get upset how everyone seems to have someone except me. I never really had anyone like that in my life and sometimes it hurts. It makes me question if my personality is likeable or wanted by someone? I don't express my feelings very much if I like someone and I'm not one of those "boy crazy" girls so I tend to keep most of my thoughts to myself because I'm afraid they won't like me. I often wonder if God has anyone planned for me and my future? Sometimes I think that He does, but then I often wonder if there will ever be a good christian guy for me to have as my husband.

I believe that a husband should be someone that loves you for who you are inside and cares for you, someone who will always be by your side, who listens to you and encourages you, and most of all is a strong Christian who will help you grow spiritually and keep you walking with God.......Basically a husband should be like your best friend and should have the same characteristics as a best friend!

I often wonder when or if God will bring someone into my life who is a christian guy and will love me for who I am inside? It is hard waiting, but I know God will let me meet the special person at the right time. I just have to be patient and pray that He will bring the right guy along.

Something I try to remember is that God is always there for me and will be a figure I can go to and He will be my best friend! I don't need to have a boyfriend to be happy or feel content, I have God with me and I should be satisfied with just Him. Maybe if you don't have a "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" in your life right now, God is allowing you not to have someone so that you turn more to Him and are leaning on Him more as your "mate" instead of another person.

What are your thoughts with this subject? Have you experienced these thoughts before?

By the way....I thought I would also ask all of you if you would like to ask me any questions I could write a post with answers to your all your different questions (depending how many you all come up with). Just leave a comment with your questions and I will try to answer them,  just make them clean please- I won't answer any inappropriate questions. : )

Thanks for visiting! sorry this post was kind of long!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Nowadays, girls are getting boyfriends before middle school. I am a teen and I don't have a boyfriend. At times I feel left out because practically all my friends have one. I just remember that I'm still young and that God will lead the right man into my life when it is time.

    ~Great Post, Britt! (as always)

  2. Amen! I am waiting until I am much older and more mature to have a boyfriend, and even then, I trust God will send him to be my future best friend. If God has destined for you to have a husband, He will send him to you. Great post!

  3. Britt, you are still young. I'm sure that some day you will meet that special guy. When I was young, I was like you. I was not "boy crazy" and I didn't date very much. In fact, I didn't date at all until after I graduated from High School. I more or less thought that I was destined to spend the rest of my life alone and I had accepted that idea. I too thought that maybe I would never be loved or "wanted" by anyone. Then when I was 23 I met a guy named Ben. We started dating and he asked me to marry him on our 3rd date. That scared me to death. I told him it was too soon. He continued to ask me to marry him until I finally told him I'd let him know when and if I was ever ready to get married. Thank God Ben didn't head for the hills to look for another girl. We continued to date for the next 6 years and he became the best friend I had ever had in my entire life. I finally gave in and married him when I was 30 years old. We were married for 31 wonderful years until he passed away almost a year ago. I was so lucky to have such a man love me. I know that God brought Ben into my life for a reason and at the time He chose, not at the time I chose. So hang in there sweet girl. You will one day meet the man that God wants you to be with until "death do you part".

    Love & Hugs,

  4. Britt, God has someone VERY special for you! Your a very nice godly girl! :) Jesus will reward you for following his kingdom! :)
    1= Do you like rain?
    2= What is your favorite flower?
    3= do you like the draw?
    4= fave cookie?
    5= Any brothers or sisters?

    Any questions 4 me? I'll answer!

  5. God has an amazing Prince out there for you he is just making sure that he is ready and good enough for His daughter you are Gods daughter His Princess and He wants the best for you in His timing, God bless you

  6. Godsgirlz- thanks for your comment! I know- it seems like girls want boyfriends at such an early age nowdays!

    Thanks Hannah for your nice words and God will bring the right guy along for you as well!

    Kay- thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! By what you wrote you seem like you were experiencing the same things I am going through right now. It was nice reading about how you met your husband! I'm so sorry that your he passed away- but I'm sure he is very proud of you! Thanks Kay for sharing your thoughts!

    Claudia- thanks for your comment! I appreciate all your comments on my blog. I'm sure that God has someone planned for you as well! You are a very special girl! Thanks for your questions- I will answer them on a post soon and ask you some questions too! :)

    Crystal- thanks for your comment and for following my blog! I appreciate it! Thanks for sharing and encouraging me!