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I Want To Give Up

Have you ever felt like not doing something so much that you just want to give up and not face it? So many times I have not wanted to do something and I feel like giving up and not trying anymore. Somehow it seems so easy to give up at the time, but after I give up or don't face the problems I soon realize that it has made things worse and I feel the same way inside as I did before.

Giving up doesn't solve any of our problems- if anything it makes things much worse. Giving up only gives us temporary pleasure and we soon realize after giving up that we made the wrong choice and we realize that we should have preservered.

We shouldn't give up when everything seems hard or difficult. Giving up won't let our problems go away- it just pushes them off for another day. But soon enough those problems will show up in our life again and we will have to face them again and we will feel worse than before. When we preservere and continue on through the difficult times we will feel better and stronger than we would if we just gave up.Sometimes it feels like the circumstances are impossible- and the circumstances may be impossible on your own, but with God we can do anything! We can ask for God to give us the strength to carry on and preservere through those hard times and know that we can get through it with God!

Here are a few quotes that I found that I thought might help if you are feeling like giving up....